‘The Adventures of Tintin:’ Loads of New Images

It’s been three years since Steven Spielberg last had a film in theaters bearing his credit as director. This year, however, we get two: the WWI stage play adaptation War Horse, opening on December 28, and the long-in-development The Adventures of Tintin, which hits Europe in little over a month and will play in the US beginning on December 23.

Both these films have had a low profile so far, at least in the US. There’s just one trailer for War Horse, for example. The film nerd crowd has been all over Tintin because of the fact that it represents a union between Spielberg, Peter Jackson and WETA, but even with that in mind I feel like US audiences are relatively ignorant of the film. A few preview rolls of footage have been shown at conventions and press events, but there’s a lot of audience awareness left to raise.

So for those who are still a bit in the dark about Tintin, or just want to see more evidence of what Spielberg, Jackson and WETA have achieved with the visual presentation, check out a massive gallery of new stills below. Read More »

Entertainment Weekly‘s Fall Movie Preview hits newsstands Friday and, as usual, it’s filled with new information and photos from some of the most anticipated films scheduled for release between September through December. After the jump, check out new photos from We Bought a Zoo, Jack and Jill, Like Crazy, Contagion, Drive, Abduction, Hugo, The Muppets, The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo, Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, The Adventures of Tintin and The Descendants. Read More »


This week, Dave, Adam, and Devindra share their thoughts on Jon Favreau’s Cowboys and Aliens. Later, Dave and Devindra discuss highlights, lowlights and WTF’s of San Diego Comic-Con 2011, as well as Dave’s visit to Weta, where Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson are making The Adventures of Tintin.

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Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Weta in New Zealand and receive a tour of their facilities as they were in the middle of making The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Unquestionably, the highlight of the day was an hour-long Q&A session featuring Jackson in-person and Steven Spielberg via video in LA. Yesterday, we presented an excerpt in which Jackson and Spielberg extolled the ability to replicate their existing workflow using motion capture technology.

I asked these filmmakers what motion capture technology had made easier for their filmmaking process, and what had been unexpectedly difficult. Hit the jump for their responses. Read More »

Last week, I was fortunate enough to visit Weta in New Zealand and receive a tour of their facilities as they were in the middle of making The Adventures of Tintin: The Secret of the Unicorn. Unquestionably, the highlight of the day was an hour-long Q&A session featuring Jackson in-person and Steven Spielberg via video in LA.

Today, we present to you part of that conversation, in which Spielberg and Jackson extol the virtues of the Weta filmmaking process (read my original piece, for a brief description of the mocap warehouse that is being employed for this film). Tomorrow, we’ll have more of the conversation, in which the two directors discuss some of the direct logistical benefits of motion capture technology.
Read More »

For his first trip to Comic-Con, Steven Spielberg showed off some brand new Tintin footage, finally answering some of our lingering questions about the film’s 3D motion-captured aesthetic.

The good news: Tintin looks fantastic. While there are still some signs of the uncanny valley, this is the first motion-captured film I’ve seen that does a realistic job of showing off facial nuances. The film fits perfectly into Herge’s aesthetic for Tintin, while also showcasing the rich environments and action set pieces that we’ve come to love from Spielberg. The footage we saw was based on early renderings from Weta, the finished product will look even better, Spielberg said. Read More »

Here’s the first full-length trailer for The Adventures of Tintin, which Steven Spielberg directed as a mo-cap animated adaptation of one of Herge‘s classic Tintin tomes. This is our first good look at the action and adventure promised by the title and poster, and our best look yet at the animation, produced by Peter Jackson and enabled by WETA. Jamie Bell plays Tintin, who finds a replica of the ship Unicorn, and is led to treasure and danger. Andy Serkis plays his cohort Captain Haddock, while Simon Pegg and Nick Frost play the bumbling detectives Thompson and Thompson. This trailer gives a quick look at the villain Red Rackham (Daniel Craig) as it gives off the same sort of old-school adventure vibe that Steven Spielberg once captured so well in the first Indiana Jones films. Can The Adventures of Tintin bottle that same lightning once more? Make an early call by watching the trailer after the break. Read More »

Though The Avengers, Batman and Superman are more than likely not going to be swinging into San Diego Comic-Con this year, Spider-Man will be out in force. The schedule for Friday July 22 has been released and the highlights include that Legendary Panel we wrote about a few days ago (though it’s not in Hall H), a panel on Steven Spielberg and Peter Jackson’s The Adventures of Tintin and a Sony Pictures panel that includes Ghost Rider: Spirit of Vengeance, Total Recall and, yes, Marc Webb’s The Amazing Spider-Man. Check out a bunch of the highlights, with commentary, after the jump. (And don’t forget about Thursday where Peter will be on the Masters of the Web panel.) Read More »

This is potentially a big year for Steven Spielberg, who hasn’t had a feature in theaters since the fourth Indiana Jones movie, but will soon have two new films opening: War Horse and The Adventures of Tintin. But it’s not like he’s got an easy path. The trailer for War Horse didn’t convince everyone, and the first footage from Tintin has been met with skepticism that the movie will be plagued by the same ‘uncanny valley’ issues faced by other mocap efforts.

One thing we haven’t seen much of as footage of Tintin has emerged is the face of the young protagonist. But that’s on display front and center in a new image from the film. Debate the liklihood of Tintin’s eyes being full of life, and see the full image after the break. Read More »

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Did you want more out of the first teaser for The Adventures of Tintin that arrived earlier this week? Then check out the international version, which still shies away from showing much of Tintin’s face, but does offer a few new shots. Read More »