The Flash Season 5 Poster

Want to see Stan Lee’s cameo in the Spider-Man PS4 game? How would Spider-Man‘s spider sense work in the real world? When does Teen Titans Go! to the Movies come out on Blu-ray and DVD? Which Oscars will Black Panther be vying for when awards season comes around? Did you hear about the failed Spider-Man PS4 marriage proposal? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Spider-Man PS4

Was has a certain classic Shazam comic been pulled from shelves? How did Cloak & Dagger get together a certain crossover reference to another Marvel TV series? How important is Black Manta to the rest of the DCEU? Which actresses are rumored to be in the running for Black Canary in Birds of Prey? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

stan lee cameo

Stan Lee‘s cameo power is so strong that he’s started to move across the aisle to DC movies. The Marvel Comics legend has become an ubiquitous presence in Marvel movies, appearing in both Marvel Studios and X-Men movies for the past few decades. But Lee does not belong to one cinematic universe, as shown by his most recent cameo in his first DC Comics movie.

Spoilers follow.

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Mission Impossible Fallout Box Office

This weekend brought Mission: Impossible – Fallout to theaters. While plenty of MoviePass subscribers found themselves unable to check in to get a ticket to see the latest installment of the action franchise starring Tom Cruise, the sequel still ended up topping the box office with the biggest opening in the Mission: Impossible franchise yet. It also gave Tom Cruise his second biggest opening weekend ever.

Let’s dive into the Mission Impossible Fallout box office numbers below. Read More »

Teen Titans GO! Figure

When does the Valiant Comics adaptation Bloodshot start shooting? Want to hear a song created for the New Mutants soundtrack? Ready to play a new Teen Titans GO! video game? Why did Ant-Man and the Wasp flashback scenes end up being cut? How did Marvel respond to the user purge on a Thanos-themed subreddit? Could Cassie Lang become a superhero in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

Avengers - A-Force

How much has Incredibles 2 earned at the US box office in just two weeks? Who does Mike Colter want to cameo on the third season of Luke Cage? What are the first reactions to Teen Titans GO! to the Movies saying? What Saturn Awards did Black Panther walk away with? Which Marvel Cinematic Universe actor still hasn’t seen Avengers: Infinity War yet? All that and more in this edition of Superhero Bits. Read More »

teen titans go to the movies trailer

Move over Justice League, it’s the Teen Titans’ time to shine. The diminutive superhero team has just been featured in a slew of posters and a new trailer in anticipation of their feature film debut, Teen Titans Go! To the Movies. And it’s just as troll-y as you’d expect. Below, watch the new Teen Titans Go to the Movies trailer.

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Nicolas Cage Teen Titans movie cast

Teen Titans GO! to the Movies, a new animated film featuring everyone’s favorite teen superheroes engaging in some fart jokes, won’t just feature the Teen Titans – adult superheroes will be popping up in the movie as well. And best of all: Nicolas Cage will play Superman. Cage and two others have joined the Teen Titans movie cast.

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teen titans go to the movies trailer

Finally, a Teen Titans movie. Except er, it’s Teen Titans Go! And there’s a 15-second fart joke that takes up one-third of this trailer. And they all have their own customized Wonder Woman costumes.

I guess that’s the price us long-suffering Teen Titans fans have to pay to see Robin, Starfire, Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy in their original team incarnation on the big screen. How did such a good, character-centric animated series build a legacy that resulted in people seeing this team for the first time as these hyperactive caricatures? Anyways, here’s the trailer for the Teen Titans Go! To The Movies feature film.

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