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The Flash S2 trailer

I love how kooky The Flash is getting. The first season of The CW show didn’t have many reservations about introducing some of the weird stuff from DC’s Flash comics — there were Reverse-Flash and the giant telepathic Gorilla Grodd, which should be all you need to understand that the producers are happy to dive into everything the character represents in DC Comics.

And now, as we see in this new The Flash S2 trailer, the team appears to be going all-in for season two. There’s Jay Garrick, who in comics was the original Flash, created in the ’40s. In the show, he seems to be an alternate-world version of The Flash. And then there’s whatever villain shows up to cause trouble in Central City, not to mention whatever waits on the other side of that wormhole. Check out the footage after the jump.

Update: There’s now an extended version of this spot with twice as much footage — mostly, it’s longer takes and more glimpses at the same scenes, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have a look!

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