Deadgirl scribe Trent Haaga to Direct Chop


The last time I mentioned Deadgirl, a rather confrontational horror film written by Troma-vet Trent Haaga, I hadn’t seen it. In the meantime I have done, and I loved it. Of all of the straight-to-DVD films I’ve seen this year*, I’d say Deadgirl is the lead for my favourite. Perhaps I’m a little but biased because I love zombie movies and this was a very skewed and imaginative take on the genre, though there’s no use in denying that it’s a serious film with some smarts and clear intent to say something worth listening to.

As a direct result of this, the news that Haaga has optioned a script called Chop to polish up and make his directorial debut has me very interested indeed. That there’s some comparison already being made to Fargo and Oldboy is just sugar on top.

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