merlin origin story

There’s a need to explain where characters came from these days. Obviously this trend makes it easier to launch a potential franchise, but creatively, it’s not the most enticing idea. In the case of The Merlin Saga, a series consisting of 12 books, it begins with the famous wizard as a boy, with his memory erased. Would audiences rather see Merlin’s untold coming-of-age story or see the wise, old Merlin we all know? Disney is going with the former, so they’re moving forward with their adapting T.A. Barron‘s The Merlin Saga. To write the adaptation, they’ve enlisted Academy Award-winning screenwriter Philippa Boyens (The Lord of the Rings).

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Get ready for Merlin to be the new Snow White, or the new Linda Lovelace, or whatever icon studios and producers decide to compete over next. Warner Bros. has just tapped Ed Whitworth, a former journalist who evidently has experience as a script reader for Oprah Winfrey’s company, to adapt the T.A. Barron youth-lit novel The Lost Years of Merlin.

Surprise, surprise, this would be a Merlin origin tale, following “Merlin’s journey from being a boy washed on the shores of Wales with no memory and no home, to him becoming a young man learning to use his powers and ultimately defender of the natural world and eventual mentor to King Arthur.” (This project was once at Paramount, but the option lapsed and WB stepped in. It is also different from the modern-day Merlin story that Working Title was putting together last year.) [THR]

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