Uma Thurman Apple

Uma Thurman (Pulp Fiction, Kill Bill) is heading to AppleTV+. The actress is set to star in Suspicion, which is not the long-gestating remake of the Alfred Hitchcock film, but instead is a remake of an Israeli television series called False Flag. Get the details about the new “high-paced thriller” below.
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Last week DreamWorks and Working Title Films announced that Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) will write a remake of Alfred Hitchcock‘s Rebecca, or perhaps more accurately that Knight will write a new adaptation of Daphne Du Maurier’s novel Rebecca, which was adapted into Hitchcock’s film, as well as a couple others.

Now there is another Hitchcock film being remade, or re-adapted. This time it is the 1932 novel Before the Fact, by Francis Iles, which Hitchcock directed as the 1941 film Suspicion. Heading up the adaptation is The Killing showrunner Veena Sud, who will script. Read More »


The common line amongst film fans is that Alfred Hitchcock is sacrosanct; his movies are not to be remade. He could do it (The Man Who Knew Too Much) but no one else should (Psycho). In some cases that’s an understandable stance to take. Remaking Vertigo would be insane, because it stemmed so directly from Hitchcock’s psyche, and remaking The Birds is crazy because it was as much a technical challenge as anything else. Repeating that is pointless.

But what about something like Suspicion, which is a decent, but fairly routine Hitchcock thriller? Is that out of bounds? Read More »

Dial M For Murder
/Film reader and Brazilian artist Mario Graciotti has created a few series of posters I wanted to showcase on the site. The posters showcase the films of Paul Thomas Anderson, Alfred Hitchcock, and Pixar Animation Studios. Check out some of Graciotti’s minimalistic posters, after the jump.

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