Disney Closes LucasArts Game Studio


When Disney bought LucasFilm, questions about what changes would be wrought at Lucas’ various divisions were easy to miss thanks to the wave of interest in the new Star Wars film quickly announced during the merger. But then the popular Clone Wars animated TV series was canceled, causing grumblings among the fanbase.

Now Disney has shuttered LucasArts as an active development studio. The game developer and publisher debuted in the early ’80s came to prominence with a slate filled with adventure games (The Secret of Monkey Island, Grim Fandango) and Star Wars titles (X-Wing, Rebel Assault, Dark Forces).

Since the early 2000s LucasArts has had more than a few problems, resulting in a big restructuring, high-level staff turnover, and lackluster games. But the company seemed to be on the verge of a resurgence with two big Star Wars titles in development: Star Wars: First Assault and Star Wars 1313. Both of those games are now canceled, though at least one could find life at other developers. Read More »

Star Wars-Atlanta Braves spring training (3)

Jedi may be more comfortable swinging lightsabers than baseball bats, but Mickey-as-Obi-Wan seems to hold his own just fine against the Atlanta Braves in spring training. Check out the photographic evidence after the jump. Also:

  • Harrison Ford is pretty sure he’ll be in Episode VII
  • Rumor has it a Palpatine follower is Episode VII‘s villain
  • Here’s what Brad Bird would change about Episode VI
  • Was the destruction of the Death Star an inside job?
  • Dwayne Johnson would “absolutely” do Star Wars
  • Vote for the best character in StarWars.com‘s bracket
  • Disney World’s Star Wars Weekends unveils a new poster
  • Could Disney World get a new Star Wars-themed “land”?
  • See new screencaps from Star Wars: First Assault
  • Clone Wars director Dave Filoni is working with Disney Channel

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Now that a director’s been locked in for Episode VII, the big question is who’ll get to star in it. And that’s what today’s Star Wars Bits is all about. After the jump:

  • Disney CEO confirms the original trio is in talks to return
  • Billy Dee Williams has also been asked to come back
  • Warwick Davis is “definitely” looking to do more Star Wars
  • New details revealed for Star Wars: First Assault game
  • Eli Roth, JGL, Mila KunisStanley Tucci and more weigh in

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