john wick 4 and spiral release dates

Just the other day we ran a story stating that John Wick Chapter 4 was all but guaranteed to move from its May 21, 2021 release. Sure enough, Lionsgate just shuffled a whole bunch of upcoming release dates, and John Wick 4 was one of them. The Keanu Reeves sequel won’t arrive in theaters now until 2022. Spiral, the Saw reboot starring Chris Rock, is also moving – from this year to 2021.

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lionsgate movie delays

Lionsgate is the latest studio to delay its major releases in the wake of the escalating coronavirus pandemic. Lionsgate has postponed the releases of its upcoming movies Antebellum, Run, and Spiral, all of which were set to hit theaters in late April and May. Their release dates have been postponed indefinitely.

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Spiral Review

After Get Out opened to massive box office and critical acclaim, everyone started to predict the rise of so-called ‘social thrillers’, or movies that used high-concept genre tropes to tell stories that reflect our times. 

The newest attempt at a social thriller is the terrifying and disturbing Spiral from director Kurtis David Harder, which uses a ‘90s setting and a story of a gay couple to tell a story about America today, resulting in a movie that will shake you to your core.

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