“If you’re the only one who does something, you’re the world’s greatest.”

This is the epigraph that opens Spearhunter, a new short film by director Adam Roffman. And in amusing fashion, the film explores the personality and life of Gene Morris, whose Spear Hunting Museum has a mural on its side proclaiming him “The Greatest Spear Hunter in Recorded History.” What would drive a person to create such a museum? And how does one spearhunt, anyway?

These were the questions that drove Roffman to make this film. When I saw Spearhunter at the Independent Film Festival of Boston this year, I was taken with its beautiful cinematography and its great use of b-roll and editing, all of which served to give viewers a vivid sense of Morris’s egotism and eccentricity. I was also curious about how Roffman, who has previously been a film festival program director and a set dresser on many critically acclaimed films, had made the jump into documentary filmmaking, so I asked him about the making of the film via email.

Spearhunter is now online. You can watch the short film and read my interview with Adam below.
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Spearhunter trailer

One of the chief appeals of documentary film is the ability any given film has to pull you into a subculture that would otherwise be off-limits. Here’s Spearhunter, which follows some people you probably wouldn’t even guess existed: a set of men in Alabama who hunt wild boar with spears. In particular it investigates one guy who proclaimed himself the greatest spear hunter, and created a museum dedicated to the art of spear hunting. (And also to himself.)

The doc will premiere in March at SXSW, and this Spearhunter trailer is very entertaining and more than sufficient to arouse my curiosity about the story the film plans to tell. Read More »