Movie City News has an indepth 30-minute interview with director Sofia Coppola (Virgin Suicides, Lost In Translation), talking about her new film Somewhere. And anyone who reads /Film on a regular basis knows that we love long form interviews with auteur filmmakers. Hit the jump to watch the interview now.

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In an interesting and slightly surprising move, the Venice Film Festival jury headed by Quentin Tarantino has awarded the Golden Lion to Sofia Coppola‘s film Somewhere. (Trailer here.) The film got mixed to positive notes out of the fest, but Tarantino said today, “This was a film that enchanted us from our first screening…Yet from that first enchanting screening, it grew and grew and grew in both our hearts, in our analysis, in our minds, and in our affections.” The jury’s decision was unanimous.

The Silver Lion (aka Best Director) went to Alex de la Iglesia for A Sad Trumpet Ballad — that’s also something of a surprise, but I love seeing a long-time sort-of genre filmmaker like de la Iglesia take the prize. His film also won for Best Screenplay.

And Essential Killing, the movie with Vincent Gallo as a Taliban soldier on the run (trailer here), won Best Actor for Gallo as well as the Special Jury Prize. Quite a surprising and intriguing set of awards all around, really. Mila Kunis was also handed the Marcella Mastroianni Award for Best Young Actor or Actress for her work in Black Swan. Full list of winners is after the break. Read More »

Early Buzz: Sofia Coppola’s ‘Somewhere’

The first reviews of Sofia Coppola‘s new film Somewhere are starting to come in from Venice, and they’re quite good. Praise for Stephen Dorff‘s performance is universal so far, as is an appreciation for the quiet tone of Coppola’s storytelling. Read More »

We’ve seen a trailer and clip from Sofia Coppola‘s new movie Somewhere, but with festival season approaching and the film making a debut at the Venice Film festival in a week or so, the picture remains a bit of a mystery.

But now we know a little bit more, thanks in part to a recent interview with Coppola, who talks about the genesis of the film. There’s also a soundtrack lineup so you can get some idea of the tone of the film based on this collection of songs. All the info is after the break. Read More »

First Clip from Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

Focus Features has released the first video clip for Sofia Coppola’s new film Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. In the clip Dorff and film-within-the-film co-star Michelle Monaghan have a cold interaction while doing a photo shoot for a movie they’re promoting. Hit the jump to watch it now.
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New Photos: Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

Focus Features has released a bunch of new photos for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. Hit the jump to see them now.
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VOTD: Somewhere vs. Lost in Translation

When the trailer was released for Sofia Coppola‘s Somewhere, many people noted the similarities/parallels to the filmmaker’s previous film Lost in Translation. Of course, both movies are about a girl and her father figure getting to know each other while living at a four star hotel. /Film reader Joel Norn put together a video comparing shots from Sofia’s new film and LiT. Watch it now, embedded after the jump.

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Movie Trailer: Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere

Sofia Coppola's Somewhere

Focus Features has released the first movie trailer for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. Watch the trailer now embedded after the jump. It very much feels like a thematic/tonal sequel to Lost in Translation, another Coppola film about famous father figure connecting with a daughter figure (more metaphoric in the other film) in a hotel.

This looks like it could be a return to form for Coppola. Sofia’s first two films Virgin Suicides and Lost in Translation were some of my favorite movies of their respective years of release. Please leave your thoughts in the comments below!
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Movie Poster: Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere


I have come across what appears to be the first poster for Sofia Coppola’s Somewhere starring Stephen Dorff and Elle Fanning. While I can’t confirm this is in fact the film’s one sheet, it does look very much like Sofia’s style. Check out the poster after the jump.
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Quentin Tarantino

Quentin Tarantino has led the jury at Cannes, in 2004, but his experience at the Venice Film Festival has been limited to programming a couple of sidebars in ’04 and ’07. That changes this year, as the fest has named Tarantino head of the 2010 competition jury for the festival which will run from September 1-11. So what films is he likely to be judging? Read More »