Lexus hoverboard

Since it’s 2015, there’s been plenty of internet chatter about the future that was envisioned for this year in the time travel sequel Back to the Future Part II. While there have been plenty of technological developments that were once just dreams in the 1989 sequel, fans have still be disappointed that we still don’t have hoverboards.

We’ve had our desires teased with Funny or Die’s fake hoverboard demonstration video, and there have been more recent, legitimate developments with a company called Hendo (though their design requires a copper surface to work). And now another claim of hoverboard creation comes from car manufacturer Lexus with a project called Slide.

Check out the Lexus hoverboard tease after the jump!

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Fictionalized Hendrix Road Movie Goes Into Motion


When Joel and Ethan Coen put Tommy Johnson (a blues musician whose early history is often confused/combined with that of Robert Johnson) into O Brother, Where Art Thou?, I thought it was a neat little narrative trick. No problem with it whatsoever.

When I read that there’s a plan to make a fictionalized road movie featuring Jimi Hendrix, I have a negative gut reaction. Maybe it’s that this film wouldn’t be about the musician, but about pointless legends that surround him. Read the logline after the break, and see where you fall on the question, positive or negative. Read More »