In this edition of TV Bits:

  • Sex and the City revival is strutting its way to HBO Max (sans Samantha)
  • Amazon’s YA I Know What You Did Last Summer gains new victims
  • Sam Esmail‘s Acts of Crime is picked up to pilot
  • The Dexter revival casts a Mandalorian star
  • Watch the trailer for Losing Alice
  • And more!

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Reviewing Drumming Scenes in Movies

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, a professional drummer analyzes drumming scenes from movies like Whiplash, Drumline, Wayne’s World, and more. Plus, listen as Oscar-winning make-up artist Nicki Ledermann talks about her work on Joker, The Devil Wears Prada, The Greatest Showman, and more. And finally, learn the differences between John Carptner‘s They Live and Ray Nelson‘s short story that inspired it. Read More »

Sex and the City sequel

Paramount TV is developing a Sex and the City sequel series based on an upcoming book from author Candace Bushnell, who wrote the book that inspired the mega-hit HBO show and two feature films. But it seems unlikely that the original show’s cast will reunite for this follow-up story. Learn more about the new TV series below.
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Disappointing TV Series Finales

How many television series finales disappoint? How many television series finales actually surprise their core audiences? Reddit user ChallengeResponse created a graph showing the IMDb user ratings of television series finales relative to their average per episode user rating. Check out the graphs now after the jump.

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Sam Neill Jurassic Park

Jurassic World has been picking up a pretty great cast, but one person we shouldn’t expect to see in it is original Jurassic Park star Sam Neill. Also after the jump:

  • The website for Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has launched
  • Zach Gilford slips a few plot details about The Purge 2
  • Uwe Boll and Brendan Fletcher will go on another Rampage
  • Spike Lee and Ray Allen have discussed a He Got Game sequel
  • Sarah Jessica Parker thinks SATC has “one last chapter to tell”
  • Stephen Moyer hints at a True Blood movie sequel, maybe

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Even movie fans would agree some of the best entertainment made during the past two decades has been on premium cable. Whether it’s HBO shows like The Sopranos, The Wire, Sex and the City and Game of Thrones or Showtime shows like Dexter, Weeds and Homeland, movies are regularaly getting schooled by TV in terms of character, story and scope. Plus, even if you love a movie, it’s only two hours. A great TV show can be hundreds.

And while we’re all very used to seeing art inspired by movies, art inspired by TV always elicits a slightly more excited response which is why the brand new Bottleneck Gallery in Brooklyn, NY has picked premium TV for its first exhibit. More Than You Imagined: Art Inspired By Premium Cable opens September 7 and features work by Mark Englert, Kevin Ang, Brandon Schaefer, Joshua Budich, Tim Doyle and many others.

After the jump, check out a huge gallery of work from shows like all the ones mentioned above as well as The Kids in the Hall, Flight of the Conchords, Tales from the Crypt, Boardwalk Empire, Party Down and others, plus find out how you can see it yourself and see how you can buy a print for charity too. Read More »

Seeing as she’s currently enjoying Oscar buzz for her powerful performance in The Help, the announcement of a potential new project for Viola Davis couldn’t come at a better time. The actress is reportedly eyeing the lead role in an untitled half-hour HBO drama which will focus on a city’s corruption as seen from the perspective of a prep school headmaster with big ambitions.

Dee Rees, writer/director of Sundance favorite Pariah, is set to write the script and possibly direct the pilot; Margaret Nagle, who recently wrote episodes of Boardwalk Empire, will co-write the story with Rees. [The Hollywood Reporter]

After the jump, read about a possible Sex and the City prequel, Comedy Central’s fall schedule, and the renewal of Adult Swim’s Childrens Hospital.

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VOTD: TV Kisses

In honor of Valentine’s Day, TV Squad created a three minute supercut montage of both contemporary and classic television characters kissing. Hit the jump to watch the video.
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Sex and the City 2 was a disappointment at the box office, failing to live up to the shockingly high gross of its predecessor. Rather than let the series die, HBO Films is reportedly looking into taking the tried-and-true route that so many franchises have opted for before: Making a prequel.

The production is still in the discussion stages, but if made into a reality, the film would adapt Candace Bushnell‘s 2010 prequel The Carrie Diaries, which focuses on Carrie Bradshaw’s high school days in the early ’80s. As such, the character that turned Sarah Jessica Parker into a female fashion icon/male punchline would have to be recast. And apparently, writer-director-producer Michael Patrick King already has someone in mind. Learn more after the break. Read More »

Cool Posts From Around the Web:

With a budget of $65 million (apparently Manolo Blahniks are even more outrageously expensive than even I had originally thought), 2008’s Sex and the City movie went on to gross more than $415 million worldwide. Its pre-show ticket sales ranked up on the charts next to The Dark Knight and Twilight. With such unquestionably colossal success, talks of a sequel have already been percolating, with a potential release date in summer 2010.

Now a boatload of publications are reporting that “Britney Spears will be in the Sex and the City sequel!” To be fair, here’s what Heat magazine reported SATC star Sarah Jessica Parker as saying to her friends:
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