Saudi Arabia first movie theater

The first Saudi Arabian movie theater is about to open after a 35-year ban on cinemas in the country. But thankfully, it won’t be playing The Emoji Movie.

Saudi Arabia will christen the opening of its first official movie theater in two weeks with screenings of Black Panther, the zeitgeist-y superhero movie that may have just added a new formidable market to its record-setting run.

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Saudi Arabia

Earlier this year, the Middle Eastern country of Saudi Arabia lifted a ban on movies that had been in place for 35 years. And when Hollywood sees an opening, they go for it: a new report explains how U.S. and international exhibitors are racing to open theaters there in order to capitalize on an untapped marketplace. But will the Saudi Arabian box office be powerful enough that we’ll start to see studios cater to it the way they have to China? Read More »

Even though I’ve been studying the new Wikileaks scandal in detail for a class I’m taking (and because it is a fascinating disruption of U.S. politics), I’ve found few intersections between the leaked diplomatic cables and what we do here at /Film. Until now.

According to Wikileaks cables, satellite broadcasts of U.S. TV shows and films are doing more to prevent Saudi youth from participating in jihad than U.S. government-funded propaganda.
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