Detective Pikachu Footage Reaction

Pokémon is a worldwide video game phenomenon, so there was always going to be excitement when a live-action film adaptation came to theaters. But we’re a little flabberghasted that the first attempt at bringing the Nintendo video game franchise to life in this fashion is in the form of Detective Pikachu. Even more shocking is the fact that the trailers we’ve seen so far have been absolutely fantastic, making even the biggest naysayers curious about how this movie will turn out.

Thankfully, /Film’s own Peter Sciretta and Ben Pearson are attending CinemaCon in Las Vegas, and a bunch of new Detective Pikachu footage was shown to the crowd. So does the movie really have the goods to entertain general audiences? Does Ryan Reynolds make for the best Pokémon ever? Find out what our team thought of the sneak peek below. Read More »

detective pikachu box office

Video game-related movies don’t tend to do so well at the box office. But Detective Pikachu might change all that. Early box office tracking for the comedy is strong, indicating audiences really want to see Ryan Reynolds as a crime-solving Pokémon. It probably helps that the movie actually looks surprisingly good, which I don’t think many of us were expecting. More on the Detective Pikachu box office below.

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Taika Waititi Joins Free Guy Cast

If you’re lucky, then you’ve forgotten most of the superhero bomb that was Green Lantern. For the rest of us who are taking up space in our brain with memories of the audaciously awful DC Comics movie, we haven’t forgotten that before he got behind the camera at Marvel Studios with Thor: Ragnarok, New Zealand treasure Taika Waititi was best buddies with Ryan Reynolds as superhero Hal Jordan. Now the two are reuniting for the upcoming video game based action comedy Free Guy. Read More »

detective pikachu tv spot

Pikachu is used to be the face of a franchise, but partnering up with a human who sleeps in a Pikachu bed may be a step too far even for the hardened detective. But in Detective Pikachu, the titular Pokemon (Ryan Reynolds) and young man Tim (Justice Smith) have no choice but to work together. See the new Detective Pikachu TV spot below.

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Danny DeVito Voicing Detective PIkachu

When it was announced that the first live-action Pokémon movie coming from Hollywood would be Detective Pikachu, fans were perplexed. They were even more surprised when they learned that Ryan Reynolds would be voicing the titular electrified pocket monster turned world class detective. That might be because many fans felt like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia star Danny DeVito would have been the perfect choice to take the role instead.

Funnily enough, the Batman Returns villain was considered for the role, and somewhere there’s footage of Danny DeVito’s voice coming out of Detective Pikachu’s mouth. Below, find out about the time when Danny DeVito voicing Detective Pikachu was almost a reality. Read More »

Ryan Reynolds Triybute to John Candy

This past weekend marked the 25th anniversary of the passing of beloved comedy star John Candy. Even though he’s been gone for two and a half decades, in many ways it feels like John Candy never left us, simply because he’s been in so many iconic comedies that play on television every single week. He’s one of Canada’s finest, so it only seems appropriate that another Canadia comedy star wanted to pay tribute to him.

Ryan Reynolds is more than proud to be from Canada, and in honor of John Candy’s illustrious career, he put together a video tribute looking back at his most memorable roles. It’ll make you smile, and it might even bring a little tear to your eye. Watch the Ryan Reynolds tribute to John Candy below. Read More »

Detective Pikachu Featurette

We’re as surprised as anyone that Detective Pikachu actually looks like it could be a fun action adventure romp this summer. Some of that is likely thanks to Ryan Reynolds providing the voice of the investigative Pokémon who normally only says his own name. But it wasn’t easy for the Deadpool star to go from being a mouthy, meta mercenary to playing a cute, little, yellow furball. In fact, as a new Detective Pikachu featurette reveals, Reynolds went so far as to disappear into the role, so much that he refused to pick up his daughters from school. That didn’t sit too well with his wife Blake Lively. Read More »

Animated Yoda vs Dooku Fight

The Morning Watch is a recurring feature that highlights a handful of noteworthy videos from around the web. They could be video essays, fanmade productions, featurettes, short films, hilarious sketches, or just anything that has to do with our favorite movies and TV shows.

In this edition, the lightsaber fight between Yoda and Count Dooku from Star Wars: Attack of the Clones gets a cool animated remake. Plus, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman have called a truce in their fake social media feud, and learn about the history of the DeLorean before and after it was turned into a legendary vehicle in Back to the Future. Read More »

detective pikachu tv spot

Detective Pikachu, a movie I still can’t quite believe exists, has a new TV spot, featuring more Pokemon and more flatulence. Ryan Reynolds is the voice of the lead character, a Pokemon who is trying to help a young man find his missing father. Oh, and I guess he farts, too. What is this movie? I don’t really know. Watch the new Detective Pikachu TV spot below!

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Deadpool 3 update

Deadpool is supposed to return in Drew Goddard’s X-Force movie, but Ryan Reynolds and his Deadpool 2 co-writers are also hard at work on Deadpool 3, which will presumably be on deck after X-Force wraps production. At a press event in China, Reynolds gave a quick update on their planned superhero sequel, teasing that he and his collaborators are not interested in retreading the same ground the franchise has covered thus far. Read More »