John Cusack Developing Rush Limbaugh Biopic

I don’t know what’s going on with John Cusack this season, but fans of the actor are likely pretty happy. Last week he was announced as the lead for three new features: an adaptation of Stephen King’s novel Cell, the “Duel in the sky” thriller Airspace, and the financial world drama Due Process.

Now he’s got one more new project, and it’s one that will have some audiences hungry to see the outcome: Cusack is attached to play radio host and giant worthless political gasbag Rush Limbaugh in a biopic called Rush. Read More »

Producer Shopping Rush Limbaugh Biopic


This probably won’t be fair and balanced. Writer/producer James Sciafani has scripted a film about conservative pundit and talk show host Rush Limbaugh — aka one of the most popular radio personalities in America — and is shopping the film around for financing. But the movie isn’t likely to be terribly sympathetic to Limbaugh, as Sciafani is a Democrat who describes the film as “Citizen Kane meets Private Parts.” What, no love for Talk Radio? Read More »