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This week, AMC Theatres and Universal Pictures sent shockwaves through Hollywood by sparking a new deal that would shorten the window between the theatrical release of a movie and its debut on VOD to just 17 days. The theatrical window has been a sticking point between studios and movie theaters for a long time, and it’s also been a big issue for Netflix when it comes to getting their original movies to play on the big screen. This new deal could set a new precedent that could change the distribution model forever.

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Regal Cinemas, the second largest theater chain in the U.S., has announced that it will open its U.S. theaters in August. The new Regal Cinemas reopening date comes after Warner Bros. set the theatrical release of Tenet for August in international markets, followed by a September release in the U.S.

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New Jersey Movie Theaters Lawsuit

Last week, AMC Theatres, Cinemark and Regal Cinemas, along with the National Association of Theatre Owners (NATO), filed a lawsuit that claimed New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy was infringing upon their First Amendment rights by forcing movie theaters to remain closed while churches, libraries and other venues were allowed to reopen. But a federal judge in New Jersey has denied their requests for a restraining order that would have allowed them to reopen. Read More »

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Regal Cinemas is bring back some of your old favorites to bring audiences back to theaters. With studios playing chicken over who will open first July, by which time most theater chains expect to be almost 100% open, there aren’t many new movies to play in the theaters that are slowly opening across the nation. So Regal Cinemas is re-releasing beloved classics like The Empire Strikes Back, Jurassic Park, and The Lord of the Rings to attract audiences back to its locations.

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Regal Cinemas reopening

Update: After AMC Theatres reversed course regarding patrons wearing masks, Regal Cinemas has also announced that it will require guests to wear masks when its theaters reopen next month. “As related to our employees, guests will also be required to wear masks,” they said in a statement. “Disposable masks will be made available as needed.” Our original article from June 16, 2020 follows.

Movie theaters have been shuttered across much of the United States for months, but for better or worse, many of them are going to be reopening next month. Regal Cinemas has announced that it will begin reopening its locations on July 10, 2020, but if you live in a state or city where masks aren’t required in public places because of the coronavirus pandemic, don’t expect people to be wearing any face coverings in the auditorium with you.

Read the list of health and safety precautions that Regal is implementing below.
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regal cinemas reopening

As we approach the two and a half months of quarantine from the coronavirus pandemic, we’re waiting to see whether Christopher Nolan’s Tenet can shoulder a burden no other film has had to carry in the modern era: can this one film save movie theaters from oblivion? The action thriller is currently slated to open in July, and while AMC has promised to open its doors in time, one of its biggest theatrical competitors, Regal Cinemas, has not yet made that same commitment.
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Tensions have been brewing for years, but war was officially declared last night between movie theater exhibitors and Hollywood studios.

AMC Theatres and Universal Pictures have become mortal enemies thanks to comments made in the wake of Trolls World Tour‘s VOD success, and Regal Cinemas has now lobbed its own hand grenade into this battle. According to a statement from the theater chain’s owners, Regal Cinemas “will not be showing movies that fail to respect the [theatrical] windows.” Looks like AMC has found an ally in this war.
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movie theater federal aid

The Senate passed a massive $2 trillion stimulus package late Wednesday night that is intended to help American workers and businesses that have taken a hit by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic. Among those badly affected businesses are movie theaters, which for the first time in the history of Hollywood, have shut down en masse across the country. Theater owners joined the praise for the relief package, which still has to go through the House, saying in a statement that the legislation could help the country’s struggling cineplexes as the pandemic wears on. But how much of that $2 trillion package will actually go to movie theaters?

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In a move that seems literally impossible to recover from, Regal has announced they’re closing all of their movie theaters starting Tuesday. Many theaters have attempted to restrict attendance, with AMC capping capacity at 50 people. And while some cities, like New York and Los Angeles, are shutting theaters down for the time being, Regal is taking a pre-emptive step and closing theaters everywhere.

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Update: Regal Cinemas is following in AMC’s footsteps, announcing that they have “reduced auditorium capacity by 50% and are complying, where applicable, with state mandates on social gathering limits.” Our original article continues.

In lieu of shutting down completely, AMC Theatres, the country’s largest theater chain, has announced a new policy to help prevent the spread of the coronavirus (aka COVID-19). Starting tomorrow, March 14, 2020, the chain will be implementing social distancing measures which involve cutting auditorium capacities by at least half.

Meanwhile, the American Cinematheque in Los Angeles has suspended screenings at Hollywood’s Egyptian Theatre and Santa Monica’s Aero Theatre. Get the details below. Read More »