Disney Suing Redbox

Update 8/28/18: A judge has ordered an injunction to block Redbox from selling digital download codes for Disney movies. Read on for our original article from December 2017, which has been updated with new information at the bottom.

The Walt Disney Company hasn’t exactly been making the most level-headed decisions lately, but here’s something I think they have a right to be a little miffed about. The company has filed a lawsuit to halt Redbox from selling digital download codes for Disney movies in its kiosks across the country. Does Redbox stand a chance of winning this? Find out more about Disney suing Redbox below.
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redbox renting 4k

Do you still partake of physical media for movies – and have you made the leap to 4K? If so, Redbox has some good news: they’re going to start renting 4K movies…but only for certain titles, and in certain markets.

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most rented redbox movies

Movie theaters may be losing audiences at an alarming rate, and the streaming service field may be increasingly cluttered, but at least we’ll always have home video, right? Right…?

Renting a physical DVD or Blu-ray of your favorite movie still hasn’t lost its magic, even when the renting process shifted from your local rental store (RIP) to the bright red kiosk that populates every superstore or drug store. And while Blockbuster and local video stores were put out of business long ago, Redbox has stuck around, handling a vast percentage of physical movie rentals. In honor of its 15 anniversary this year, Redbox has released its top 15 movie rentals. And this list is…erm…a bit disappointing.

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Despite facing competition from countless streaming websites and video-on-demand rentals from cable channels, Redbox isn’t planning to go anywhere.

The DVD rental company — which allows you to rent brand new movie releases at $1.50 per day for DVDs (and $2 per day for Blu-ray titles) from kiosks located at your local supermarket or grocery store — is planning a massive expansion in 2017, adding a whopping 1,500 kiosks at strategic locations across the U.S. in 2017. This will add to their base of 40,000 kiosks the company already has active.

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Streaming services have re-mapped the media landscape. The Netflix streaming service grew in just a few years to become one of the dominant means of accessing film and TV content, and its first forays into original content have been a great success. House of Cards, the first show to premiere exclusively on Netflix, has reportedly done very well, though the company hasn’t released official numbers to publicly tally the show’s viewership.

Netflix already has other new programming in the can, such as the fourth season of Arrested Development, and the Eli Roth-produced show Hemlock Grove. It is developing more shows, but being first doesn’t mean that Netflix will be able to remain the only streaming service with original content for long. Amazon is developing its own material, and now the Verizon/Redbox streaming venture and Xbox Live are both reportedly pursuing their own original content. Read More »

Sure, moviegoers may love standing in the midnight showing line for The Avengers or arguing over The Dark Knight Rises plot holes at the bar, but what do they turn on when they finally go back to the privacy of their own homes? Rental retailer Redbox knows, and in honor of their ten-year anniversary, they’re sharing a list of their top ten most-rented movies since 2002. Here’s a hint: Adam Sandler is really, really popular. Hit the jump to see the list.

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If you rented a copy of Drive from a McDonald’s Redbox in Philomath, Oregon, congratulations. Your wise movie/awkward location rental pairing lead to a reward for us all. That transaction marked the two billionth rental from a self-service Redbox kiosk. To celebrate, the company is offering a code on their Facebook page good for a free movie rental on Thursday March 8. Read more after the jump. Read More »

Redbox, the DVD rental kiosk company owned by Coinstar, has been steadily encroaching on the market share of Netflix and storefront DVD rental shops for the past few years. The company’s biggest promise, the details of which have so far remained a mystery, is the eventual launch of a streaming service that will compete directly with similar offerings from Netflix, Amazon, iTunes and other companies.

Today Rebox announced that it has partnered with Verizon to make this streaming service a reality. The venture, which is currently unnamed, will charge customers a monthly subscription fee for which they’ll be able to take DVDs from Redbox kiosks, and access streaming catalogue film titles, with that aspect of the business powered by Verizon’s existing digital infrastructure. Read More »

At $1 per night, Redbox DVD rentals have been one of the cheapest ways to check out a DVD release. And at $1.15 to $1.20 per night, the company’s prices would remain low. Indeed, that price increase is starting to roll out in some markets — Redbox customers in Austin, TX and Portland, OR will face 15-20% price increases on regular DVDs as the company takes recent Netflix price hikes as an indication that the market can bear higher fees. Read More »

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As traditional video rental stores slowly go the way of the Dodo, current industry leaders are looking for ways to stay ahead of the curve. Leading the pack is Netflix, which allows customers to rent DVDs through the mail and stream select titles online. One of their main competitors, Redbox, offers customers the ability to rent DVDs from red kiosks at popular locations for $1 per day and that’s all. Because of those limitations, Redbox has regularly found themselves well-behind Netflix. They’re hoping to change that soon though. Redbox just announced they’ll soon be creating a subscription based service that includes both the physical DVD rentals as well as online streaming content. Would you like to know more? Read More »