Tell me if this describes you: When Toshiba and Sony were going at each other during the great format war of HD-DVD vs. Blu-Ray, you placed your bets on HD-DVD, the cheaper, more sensible option. Then, you watched in horror as the tides shifted and Blu-Ray won the day. Since then, you’ve sat idly by, watching others gleefully build up their Blu-Ray collections while you’ve decided not to really indulge in Blu-Ray and vowed never to spend another $30 to buy Batman Begins again.

Well, brother, have I got some good news for you: It seems that Warner Bros. feels your pain, and with the recent launch of their new Red2Blu program, are seeking to bring you back into the fold. They are offering HD-DVD owners an extra Blu-Ray copy of any HD-DVD discs they own in exchange for a small fee per disc ($4.95, plus $6.95 in shipping and handling). Hit the jump for some more details.
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