Jan De Bont had a moment in the sun in the mid ’90s when he directed Speed and Twister, and it should never be forgotten that he was a kick-ass cinematographer. You might have seen his work in a minor film called Die Hard. But De Bont last directed Tomb Raider: The Cradle of Life, released in 2001. Though a few different projects have seemed like possible new films for the director in the years since, nothing has taken that final step of delivering a cake with a concealed metal file so that De Bont could break himself out of director jail.

Now producers Joseph and Jack Nasser, who have a film named For a Good Time, Call… premiering at Sundance, are evidently ready to toss that big ring of cell keys to De Bont. They’ve signed him to direct Five Minutes to Live, which will be a remake of a heist film that was originally released in 1961 with Johnny Cash in the lead role. Read More »