WonderCon: Pixar’s Ratatoullie Panel

Brad Bird“We were thinking about retitling it Ratatouille 1. And letting you guys know it’s the prequel to the sequel.”

Brad Bird began his presentation with slides showing the character development drawings and sculpts for Remy, the main rat character from Ratatoille. He also showed the early sculpts for Emile, his brother, the friendly gregarious rat that will eat anything  (voiced for Pete Soane). DJango (Brian Denahey) plays the father. Linguini, the hapless chef voiced by pixar artist Lou Ramono (who served as an art director on The Incredibles). He also voiced the uptight teacher in that film. He’s a guy who has trouble holding on to jobs. He’s a garbage boy who is thrust into the job of being a brilliant chef, “but really he isn’t.” The character is voiced by Peter O’Toole. His boss, Skinner is voiced by Ian Holms.

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