Hunter Stephenson’s Movie Review: RAMBO


The following review contains very minor spoilers and was written with consideration for those who have not seen it.

I’m disappointed with how Rambo seems to be doing this weekend at the domestic box office, and I am disappointed that I haven’t reviewed the film until now. That said, at least I am reviewing it, as many of the boisterous voices that could have made Sylvester Stallone‘s film an event film with online reviews have not done. There are those action fans, general moviegoers and fanboys who are on the fence about this movie; and for many the tide has already gone out for the film; they’ll get to it on DVD. “Who cares?”

I think this hesitation amongst movie reviewers and movie goers says something about how we deal with age in this country; it signifies that even when an actor goes over and beyond what is expected of him after he’s lived through and outlasted so many copycats, decades of Hollywood, and charlatans to the action throne, the respect is not there like it should be. Is Rambo cool or not cool in the internet culture? Am I too young or too old to see it? I’ve got a college education now, does that matter? What will my buddies straight out of Caddyshack II think if I like it?

America, please.

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Harvey Weinstein Already Wants to Make Rambo V


Like two puppies in love, Harvey Weinstein and Nikki Finke had their requisite Sunday chat today, with Weinstein declaring that he’s quite pumped up about Rambo‘s combined domestic and international box office potential, while Finke’s sentiments are, adorably, the exact opposite. Serving as executive producer on the fourth Rambo film, which opened in second place this weekend, grossing $18.2 million, Weinstein also said that he’s hungry for a sequel, and this time he wants Rambo to come back to America.

“I like the idea of an older guy kicking ass. Maybe it’s because I’m older, too,” added Weinstein.

Sylvester Stallone has stated many times that, while Rocky Balboa’s days on film are up, he’d love to bring John Rambo back. Recently, we reported that Stallone emphasized adding “another element of the surreal [to a Rambo V] that would actually take the audience into a slightly different genre.”

Weinstein said he expects Rambo to do $50 million domestically, with $100-150 million on top of that internationally, where Stallone is a bigger draw. Both the speculated sci-fi or superhero slant and a return to the states sound like good moves, creative and business-wise, for the franchise and the Rambo character to me. You?

Rambo Death Chart


“Add Two and a Half Men to my chart.”

I’m not sure Rambo knows basic math, but from the looks of this spiffy new Rambo Death Chart (!!!) attached below, he’s too busy chain-gunning evildoers and furry critter bystanders, anyhow. Wow. I’m talking “three kills a minute for the entire film” wow. For the sake of spoilers, I won’t strip down like the chemistry teacher in Breaking Bad and roll around popping huge ’80s era squibs like bubble wrap right now, but let’s just say Rambo aka Rambo IV has a good 100 more deaths than former frag-champ Rambo III. And the good guys get their fair share of the blackness as well.

I remember when I first read the plot to Rambo I thought Sly was slyly but worrisomely going straight for the Passion of the Christ crowd. Then again, considering the red flow here, maybe he still is. View the numbers after the jump, and cheers to John Mueller at the L.A. Times for his numerical prowess. January 25th is officially Rambo Day.

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