Radiohead Daydreaming Music Video

Just before the weekend, Radiohead debuted a new music video along with news that their new album would arrive on May 8th (which means it’s available now). What was cool about the video was that it was directed by none other than Boogie Nights, Magnolia, The Master and Inherent Vice director Paul Thomas Anderson, and you can watch it online¬†right here.

However, if you’d rather have an opportunity to see the music video on 35mm in movie theaters, then there are some fantastic locations where you can do just that. So check out the video after the jump, and find out where you can see the video in theaters.¬† Read More »

Radiohead Spectre

When the theme song for this year’s James Bond adventure Spectre, recorded by Grammy winner Sam Smith, was released, the reaction was mixed. The song mostly sounded like a signature 007 ballad, but it felt like it was missing something. There was plenty of crescendo but it never seemed to go anywhere. But did you know there was another Spectre theme song that was left behind?

Radiohead actually recorded an opening theme for Spectre, but it just didn’t end up getting used. But as a bit of a Christmas present this weekend, the band as made the track available for you to listen to right now. Read More »

VOTD: Matthew Shapiro’s 2009: The Cinescape

For a couple years, we’ve been featuring Matthew Shapiro‘s yearly film video montages (you can watch the videos which highlight previous years here: 2008, 2007, and 2006. His latest video, 2009: The Cinescape has been released just in time for the new year. This year Shapiro editted the video to Radiohead‘s Exit Music (For A Film), which is a slower and more downbeat choice than usual (but maybe it fits this year of recession?). Watch the video now, embedded after the jump.
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