For the past few months, Tony Scott has been gathering the cast for his next movie, Potsdamer Platz. (Which likely won’t be the film’s release title.) We’ve known that Mickey Rourke would appear in the film, and last time we heard anything about it the potential names new were Javier Bardem and Jason Statham.

At this point we don’t know the status of Statham’s involvement, but Bardem is seemingly now confirmed. And new hires include Christopher Walken and French musician Johnny Hallyday. Read More »


Tony Scott has many, many projects on his plate. Almost a year ago we ran down many of them: his Hells Angels picture, Potsdamer Platz, an LA-set remake of The Warriors, Emma’s War and Unstoppable, for starters. Unstoppable is in post-production now, with a release scheduled for November, so it’s time for Scott to sort out his next project. Now it seems that Potsdamer Platz will be that next film. Read More »