PlayStation Vue Shutting Down in January 2020

playstation vue shutting down

Bad news for Vue-heads (that’s a term I made up just now; go with it) – Sony is shutting down PlayStation Vue in January 2020. The internet television service launched in 2015, but Sony has decided to shutter it to refocus on video games. Even though PlayStation Vue was one of the first internet TV bundle providers to offer more interactive features, it failed to generate much heat, never rising above 1 million customers.

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Apple TV+ schedule

Here’s a quick update from the world of streaming entertainment. After a splashy announcement presentation earlier this year which was surprisingly light on concrete details, we finally have a better idea about the Apple TV+ schedule for the new service’s original programming. Meanwhile, Sony is raising the prices for PlayStation Vue subscribers across the board, causing groans heard ’round the world. Read More »

Sony Launching Cloud-Based Playstation Streaming Service

Playstation Streaming Service

Sony is getting into the cloud-based TV game via a new PlayStation streaming service called Vue. Planned for an invite-only soft launch in New York City this year, the service will be available to PlayStation 3 and 4 users in 2015. Vue is intended as a competitor to cable, with agreements in place to deliver shows from 75 major network providers. Perhaps most important to cord-cutters, Vue will stream live television.  Read More »