Clone High Reboot Table Read

Almost exactly one year ago, we got the exciting news that The LEGO Movie and 21 Jump Street directors Phil Lord & Chris Miller would be reaching back to the early 2000s for a reboot of their animated series Clone High. Today, the revival of the series is one big step closer to an official comeback.

Originally airing on Canada’s Teletoon and imported to MTV, Clone High followed the clones of historical figures like Abraham Lincoln, John F. Kennedy, Joan of Arc, Gandhi, Cleopatra and more as they dealt with all the teen angst, romance, and drama of high school. Now the series is being revived and re-imagined by Lord & Miller, and they just had a table read for the first episode, which has an all too appropriate title for bringing the Clone High reboot to life. Read More »

America: The Motion Picture Trailer

Since we’ll be returning to a relatively normal summer routine this year as the coronavirus pandemic winds down, there’s no better time to celebrate the United States of America. Netflix has just the ticket to usher in our renewed Independence Day celebrations with the outlandish new animated movie America: The Motion Picture.

Touting the untold, historically accurate, real story of America, this new movie from producers Phil Lord & Chris Miller takes the story of the Founding Fathers and turns it into a blockbuster superhero extravaganza with its tongue firmly in cheek. Watch the America: The Motion Picture trailer below for a taste of this complete madness. Read More »

The Premonition Lord and Miller

Does anyone actually want a non-documentary movie about the COVID-19 pandemic? I honestly don’t know, but Hollywood seems to think the answer is “yes.” The latest entry in a growing line-up of pandemic-based movies is The Premonition, which is based on the book by Michael Lewis, author of Moneyball and The Big Short. Phil Lord and Chris Miller have come on board to direct the pic, which tracks the “early days of COVID-19 and those U.S. heroes who tried to warn against the dangers of underestimating the deadly seriousness of the killer virus.”

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The Mitchells vs. The Machines Furby Fight Scene Breakdown

Netflix has a big hit on their hands with The Mitchells vs. The Machines, the latest animated film from Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse and The LEGO Movie producers Phil Lord & Chris Miller. Now that the film is available in their streaming library, they’re rolling out a look into how it was made. In a new shot-by-shot breakdown, producers Lord & Miller sat down with director Mike Rianda to explore the ferociously funny Furby fight sequence. Let the dark harvest begin! Read More »

The Mitchells vs The Machines Trailer

Pixar Animation gave us the superhero family The Incredibles to take on the threats of the world. Now, Sony Pictures Animation is giving is a much more dysfunctional family tasked with saving humanity in The Mitchells vs. The Machines.

From The LEGO Movie directors and Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse producers Phil Lord & Chris Miller, this new film is an epic sci-fi comedy that pits family against machine when a perturbed artificial intelligence uses all forms of technology to capture every human on the planet. Somehow, The Mitchells (Danny McBride, Maya Rudolph, Abbi Jacobson, and director Michael Rianda) are the only ones left who can stop these machines. Read More »

cocaine bear

Elizabeth Banks has found her next project. The Charlie’s Angels director has signed on to direct a Universal Pictures thriller produced by her The Lego Movie directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The movie’s title? Cocaine Bear. And that’s how you get people’s attention, folks, in spite of Banks’ underwhelming directorial career so far.

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Peanut Butter Falcon Directors

Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, directors of the indie gem The Peanut Butter Falcon, have a new movie lined-up, and they’re teaming with producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller to make it happen. The untitled movie is described as “a Cuban story that will be shot largely in Spanish with a very naturalistic vibe in the vein of American Honey,” set against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic of the early ’90s.

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The Mitchells vs. the Machines

Phil Lord and Chris Miller‘s animated sci-fi family adventure movie Connected has been one of the many movies delayed by the coronavirus pandemic. Sony Pictures held on to the movie with the hopes of releasing it in theaters, but it seems like the possibility of movie theater business being stagnant for at least the first half of 2021 has forced them to send the movie to streaming. Netflix has acquired worldwide rights to the film, which has now reverted back to its original title: The Mitchells vs The Machines. Read More »

Lord and Miller Universal Monster Movie

The Universal monster revival continues. After failing miserably with the interconnected Dark Universe, Universal has bounced back with The Invisible Man and plans for future standalone films. The latest entry is an untitled Unititled Monster Project being developed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller. Details are vague for the moment, but we do know that the film will reunite Lord and Miller with 21 Jump Street Star Channing Tatum.

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Connected Movie Delayed

Another one bites the dust. Following in the footsteps of the recently delayed Wonder Woman 1984 and Candyman, Sony Animation has decided to move Phil Lord & Chris Miller‘s family sci-fi adventure Connected back from the previously set October 23 release date. That will leave October pretty bare when it comes to new releases to get excited about. Read More »