Ben Affleck is about to shoot Argo, his third directorial effort, which tells the tale of a CIA crew attempting to extricate hostages from Tehran by posing as a film crew. But he’s already setting up possible projects to follow Argo, and a new one is Line of Sight. This is a Joel Silver film about “an elite commando squad transporting cargo while dealing with a global threat.” And, in a wrinkle that is unusual for Affleck, who has so far demonstrated himself to be a fairly traditional and controlled director, there is an almost experimental video game influence on this project. Read More »

Warner Bros. has been on a tear in the past few days, buying material for new films and/or setting up screenwriters to develop projects for the studio. After the break, we’ve got info on the following three projects, each of which is quite a bit different from the others:

  • The David Dobkin script Arthur & Lancelot, which (as you’d guess) is a new telling of the Arthurian legend, only with a new spin.
  • The new Nicholas Sparks novel, The Best of Me.
  • And Halo: Reach writer Peter O’Brien will rewrite the action film Line of Sight. Read More »


Hot off of Quantum of Solace, Marc Forster is now set to direct The Chancellor Manuscript — an adaptation of the Robert Ludlum thriller of the same name. The film is a potential starring vehicle for Leonardo DiCaprio (who’s also producing), and Peter O’Brien has been tasked with adapting the screenplay.

The story concerns an author named Peter Chancellor who writes a novel about political types that are blackmailed into altering national policy. His manuscript is then discovered by operatives who mistakenly think he has uncovered their plot. Hijinks (of the violent variety) ensue.

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