It’s a good week for Stephen Fry. He was part of Craig Ferguson‘s successful ‘experiment’ to do an episode of The Late Late Show with no audience, for one. Highly recommend watching that, as their nearly hour-long chat was a great bit of television.

And Fry’s film Hallelujiah!, about the composer George Frideric Handel and his enduring work Messiah, first announced in 2008, has been given some development funding by the UK Film Council. So it should be moving forward. Fry is co-writing that one with Nick Adams, and was originally announced as director. I hope that remains the case.

Finally, the writer/actor/director is working with comic book writer Grant Morrison and film director Paul McGuigan (Gangster No. 1, Push) on a TV show that McGuigan calls “Twin Peaks meets Brigadoon.” Wait, what? Why does that sound so fantastic? Read More »

Movie Review: Push


Some critics thought that Paul McGuigan’s last film, Lucky Number Slevin (2006), was too much style over substance, and while they might have had a point, I found myself energized by the promise that that small, Tarantino-esque film showed of its director. With Push, a thriller/action(?) film about people with special abilities, McGuigan is really branching out into new territory that his filmography hasn’t really hinted at before. Does he make the transition successfully? Or should you give Push a wide berth?
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Let’s face it. As far as superpowers go, the ability to move things with your brain is pretty awesome. Sure, flying is cool, turning invisible would have fun benefits, and super-strength could always come in handy. Plus it’s a lot cooler than all the “problem” superpowers, like having your entire body burst into flame, turning into some disgusting creature, or having your power be that you’re just extremely fat, and bouncy, like the Blob.

It’s just not the first power that leaps into people’s minds when they get asked, “If you could have one superpower, what would it be?” Maybe because that other stuff is too sexy. However, it’s the real thinking man or woman who chooses telekinesis, because once you realize the full potential of that power, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. As the telekinetic Push opens up this weekend, read on for an ultra-brief history of telekinesis, and find out how it’s affected cinematic history.

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New Push Clip: Psychic Showdown

Am I the only one who’s moderately looking forward to Paul McGuigan’s Push? Granted, the premise is strikingly similar to Heroes, but to me, it looked like a movie version of Heroes without all the terrible campiness, dialogue, and acting. Plus, Paul McGuigan‘s Lucky Number Slevin, while not a great film, showed a lot of promise. Still, the premise of the film (i.e. that there are people with super powers among us, and that the government is trying to harness their abilities for its own ends) is easy to make a complete mess out of, so I’m cautiously optimistic at best.

In any case, a new Push clip has surfaced online at Apple. This clip, “Psychic Shodown,” is of a battle between Nick Gant (Chris Evans), a second-generation telekinetic (AKA “mover”) with an enemy mover. While it starts out somewhat interestingly, it quickly devolves into the two of them punching each other using psychic-enhanced fist bubbles. Hit the jump to see the clip, and let us know what you think in the comments.
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Paul McGuigan’s Spider-Man Music Video

kidspidey.jpgWe just posted a story about Julie Taymor’s upcoming Spider-Man muscial in New York City. We had some fun when we found videos of the Universal Studios Hollywood production of Spider-Man Rocks on YouTube. But now we’ve found something even better thanks to our friends at FilmIck.

The Snow Patrol’s new music video for the song Signal Fire, from the Spider-Man 3 soundtrack, is now available on MySpace. The video by Paul McGuigan (Wicker Park, Lucky Number Slevin), features a elementary school production of a Spider-Man musical. You know, little kids dressed as Spider-Man, Doctor Oct and Green Goblin on a school auditorium stage, reenacting some of the famous moments from Spider-Man 1 and 2. Check it out below.

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