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The SeriesOver the Garden Wall

Where You Can Stream It: HBO Max, Hulu

The Pitch: Brothers Wirt and Greg get lost in the Unknown, a mysterious forest adrift in time where animals talk, ancient creatures lead lost souls astray, and sentient pumpkins engage in creepy cultish rituals. The two try to find their way back home, encountering all kinds of strange and fantastical things on their journey.

Why It’s Essential ViewingOver the Garden Wall is a singular animated fantasy adventure series that manages to achieve one of the things that few shows geared toward kids have been able to do: be genuinely unsettling. Created by Patrick McHale as a 10-episode miniseries in 2014, Over the Garden Wall takes inspiration from folk art and classic Grisaillesque illustrations, making you feel like you’re stepping into a storybook, but the kind of storybook that you find hidden in an attic, covered in dust. With its autumnal setting and ominous undertones, Over the Garden Wall has established itself as a fall-time ritual of its own — one that you can settle back and watch with a cup of cocoa to be transported to a strange, far-off place.

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