These days it’s much easier to find a great video game than a great video game movie. Great video games are released almost every month but great video game movies are few and far between. For every Mortal Kombat or Tomb Raider there’s Street Fighter or Double Dragon (Or Doom. Or Max Payne. Or Hitman. You get the idea).

Then there are properties out there we’ll likely never see on the big screen. Super Mario Bros., for example, all but killed the chance of Nintendo ever letting anyone make movies out of their characters. Microsoft has been trying to push Halo for nearly a decade. These days we’re left with Resident Evil movies that are tangentially related to the games at best. What’s a fan to do if they want to see their favorite video game character outside of their XBox?

The answer is YouTube and the world of fan films. We’ve already seen a Portal fan film explode across the Internet, a solid series of Mortal Kombat films and now another popular character has got his due. Olan Rogers has mad a $700 fan film called Mega Man X that pushes its meager budget to its limits with a fun recreation of a game series many of us grew up with and loved. Check it out below.

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