No One Would Listen
You know about Bernie Madoff, the man who ran the the world’s largest financial fraud scam of all time, but you might not know the whole story of Harry Markopolos. Who is Harry Markopolos? And why is his story gaining the attention of everyone in Hollywood? Markopolos is the man who tried to blow the whistle to the SEC on Bernie Madoff several times over the decade before before Madoff ran out of money.

His book titled No One Would Listen: A True Financial Thriller, chronicles the story hits stores today. In NY Times’ Sunday Magazine, Markopolos revealed that Hollywood is very interested in turning the movie into a feature film. According to Markopolos, “All the major studios. Sony, Paramount, Tom Hanks, you name it” have contacted him about the rights to his story. No deals are yet in place, but it seems like only a matter of time.
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