Netflix trailer round-up

Since Netflix will be releasing a mind-blowing 700 original movies and TV shows this year alone, it’s going to be increasingly difficult to keep track of all their content you should have on your radar. With all of those pieces of content to distribute, the streaming service has released a batch of new trailers, and you know what that means: it’s time for another Netflix trailer round-up. Take a look at the trailers for films like 6 Balloons, Paradox, and Sun Dogs below. Read More »

Leave it to Cameron Crowe to make the soundtrack for a movie before he’s shot a single frame. In a recent interview with MTV, Matt Damon said that when he got the script to Crowe’s new film, We Bought A Zoo, it came with a soundtrack that featured “a lot of Eddie Vedder” and “a lot of Neil Young.”

The film, scheduled for release almost one year from today, December 23, 2011, stars shooting next month. It’s based on a memoir by Benjamin Mee chronicling how he and his family decided to buy and run a dilapidated zoo after the death of his wife. Written and directed by Crowe, Damon stars as Mee alongside a love interest played by Scarlett Johansson, his brother played by Thomas Hayden Church, and zoo employees Elle Fanning, Patrick Fugit and Angus McFadyen. See Damon’s interview and more after the break. Read More »


Director Jim Jarmusch loves Neil Young. The venerable singer/songwriter masterfully scored Jarmusch’s Dead Man and with the band Crazy Horse was the object of the filmmaker’s follow-up, the tour documentary Year of the Horse.

Jarmusch also seems to love the New York edition of the All Tomorrows Parties music festival which, for the past couple years, has taken place in the Catskills each September. In 2008 as friends and I strolled around ATP one of them said, “hey, there’s Jim Jarmusch having a picnic.” Evidently the director returned to the scene of his lunch again this year. How do we know? Because there’s a video of him singing Neil Young’s classic ‘Cortez the Killer’ in a hotel room at the fest. Read More »

drag me to hell sxsw

South By Southwest has announced that Sam Raimi will premiere a work-in-progress print of Drag Me To Hell, and Jonathan Demme will premiere his new Neil Young performance film, Neil Young Trunk Show, at the upcoming 2009 film festival. Read the full press release after the jump.

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