Peanut Butter Falcon Directors

Tyler Nilson and Michael Schwartz, directors of the indie gem The Peanut Butter Falcon, have a new movie lined-up, and they’re teaming with producers Phil Lord and Chris Miller to make it happen. The untitled movie is described as “a Cuban story that will be shot largely in Spanish with a very naturalistic vibe in the vein of American Honey,” set against the backdrop of the AIDS epidemic of the early ’90s.

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As more and more comic book properties are snapped up by production companies, it makes sense that actors are starting to get in on the creation of comics on the ground floor, the better to develop properties in which they might eventually star. The latest actor to get into the comics biz is Sam Worthington. Because being attached to a load of big-budget pictures isn’t enough, he’s working with Radical Studios and his own Full Clip Productions to create comics that might become future films. Read More »