Paranormal Activity director Oren Peli is behind a new ABC show called The River, which follows the search for  a missing nature TV host. Jaume Collet-Serra (Orphan) directed the pilot from a script by Michael R. Perry and Michael Green, and a trailer has shown up online. Read More »

The quick-turnaround required to get another Paranormal Activity into cinemas this Halloween, and possibly kill the Saw franchise once and for all, will mean that Paramount will have to get production up and running very soon indeed.

You probably recall that Saw almuni Kevin Greutert was given the helm before a little contractual black magic from Lionsgate saw those plans dashed. Who then, might Paramount have in the frame for this eight-month wonder now?

It’s an astonishing shortlist. As well as Session 9‘s Brad Anderson and Wolf Creek‘s Greg McLean, the studio are reportedly also sizing up none other than Brian De Palma. Blimey.

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In The Hollywood Reporter‘s news break on Michael R. Perry being hired to script the second Paranormal Activity picture they also mentioned that his 2009 Black Listed script The Voices has been set up at Vertigo Entertainment with Doug Davison and Roy Lee producing. This picture certainly has an interesting premise: After Jerry Hickfang accidentally kills a woman he works with at a bathroom fixtures factory, he begins taking advice from his cat and dog on how to cover his tracks and avoid trouble.

Creepy. Funny. And actually a rather sad.

Mark Romanek has been developing the film as a potential directing vehicle, and while it is early days, it seems that he’s already started to size up one of his stars.

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