megalopolis movie

One of Francis Ford Coppola‘s never-made dream projects might finally become a reality. The legendary filmmaker has revealed after many years of delay, he will direct Megalopolis, a huge, sprawling epic about an architect trying to build a mini-Utopia in futuristic New York. Coppola wrote the script in the ’80s, but wasn’t ready to make Megalopolis until the dawn of the 21st century.

By 2001, he shot hours of second unit footage, and was gearing up to move into production. But everything came to a halt following the September 11th attacks. Since the story is set in New York, and was set in the wake of a major disaster, Coppola felt post-9/11 was the wrong time to bring Megalopolis to life. The filmmaker eventually moved on, and most assumed the project was lost forever. But now, Coppola is ready to resurrect it.

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