Joseph Kosinski Oblivion

Briefly: Christopher Cantwell and Christopher C. Rodgers, writers of the upcoming AMC seriesĀ Halt & Catch Fire, have written a new action-thriller script that now has Oblivion and Tron Legacy director Joseph Kosinski set to direct. In fact, Kosinski came up with the story, and then had the screenwriting pair flesh out the script. (Similar to the manner in which Oblivion was developed.) Read More »


Media Rights Capital is turning into a film funding juggernaut, and one of the moves the company is making is to enable name-brand directors to make new movies under their own auspices. Just earlier today we talked about the M. Night Shyamalan-produced series The Night Chronicles, which MRC has been funding.

Now David Fincher is close to signing a two-film deal with MRC to produce two films (possibly more) of a yet to be defined character. Could this be how The Goon gets made? Read More »