Wicked and the Divine TV series

Now I feel dumb about not yet making time to read comic book series The Wicked + The Divine from Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie and Matt Wilson, because I can’t give you the inside line on why this might be great news. The Eisner-nominated series has been a favorite of many friends and colleagues since it debuted last summer, based on the creators’ take on gods as pop stars, and the concept and story alone seem like great material for comics.

Now the company founded by Matt Fraction and Kelly Sue DeConnick — each also an oft-praised comic book writer, thanks to runs on Hawkeye, Sex Criminals, Pretty Deadly, and Captain Marvel, among others — will produce the TV series. Read More »


Last month, it was reported that John August was in talks with Dreamworks to pen a big screen adaptation of the Monsterpocalypse board game which has been described as “part strategy, part Kaiju Big Battel, and part Rampage!, all played out with miniatures on a tabletop.” At the time, it was speculated that the involvement of Burton’s regular collaborator might mean that Tim Burton was developing the project to direct. We now have a confirmation and more information on the project.

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Imagi Animates Fluorescent Black

Nathan Fox's ArtworkImagi Animation Studio, the guys behind the computer animated Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie and the upcoming adaptations of Gatchaman and Astroboy, have purchased the feature film rights to Fluorescent Black, a screenplay by sci-fi short filmmaker Matt Wilson.

A graphic novel, illustrated by Nathan Fox (New York Times, The New Yorker, DC Comics), will be published based on the screenplay in Summer 2008.  The book will be featured on the cover of the July edition of Heavy Metal magazine. Variety says that the Futuristic action tale is set in Singapore and the Malaysian peninsula.

No more details on the project have been revealed and no projected release date has been announced.