Quentin Tarantino writing Django comic

The original script for Django Unchained was adapted into comic book form in 2013, and now Django is making a return to comic pages. Even better, his creator, Quentin Tarantino, will join the list of film directors who have dabbled in comics. Tarantino is co-writing a story that will match up Django and Zorro, to be co-published by Dynamite Entertainment and DC.  Read More »

Every year around Comic Con time I start thinking of older or lesser-known comics that would be great on screen. (Time to run a list, I know.) One that has long been in mind is Matt Wagner‘s Mage. The series depicts the adventures of an ordinary, down on his luck guy who meets a mage and discovers that he has a greater destiny than he’d ever suspected. Wagner’s art and scripting are powerful, simple and direct, and Mage could make a hell of a film.

Now it might get there as Watchmen producer Lloyd Levin has optioned the series. Read More »