Flash Gordon

Flash Gordon has been trying for years to make his way back to the big screen, without much success. He hasn’t actually been seen in theaters since 1980, unless you count Sam Jones‘ appearances in Ted and Ted 2.

But maybe he’ll have better luck this time. The Flash Gordon movie got a big boost last year when Matthew Vaughn signed on to direct, and now it’s continuing to move forward with a new screenwriter: Oldboy and I Am Legend scribe Mark ProtosevichRead More »

Edgar wright hand

Back in June, news broke that J.J. Abrams would be producing a film directed by Edgar Wright and co-written by Wright and Mark Protosevich. The title of the work was Collider and all we heard at the time was the film was “sci-fi.” With Protosevich’s latest film Oldboy now in theaters, he spoke ever so briefly about the film revealing he and Wright are going after something “smart and scary.” Read his tantalizing quotes below. Read More »

Oldboy Umbrella

Though film fans are well-versed in Chan-wook Park’s 2003 film Oldboy, most audiences have no idea what the film is. To 90% of people who go to the movies, it’s nothing more than an ultra-violent, ten-year-old foreign language film with subtitles, if they even know that much about it. At least, that’s what Filmdistrict is thinking will be the case when Spike Lee‘s remake of Oldboy opens November 22. They’re hoping audiences will be as surprised and entertained as we were the first time we saw the original.

Still, everyone involved is well aware film fans can be vocal when reacting to remakes, and no one is a bigger champion of the original than screenwriter Mark Protosevich. The writer of the original Thor and I Am Legend considers himself a massive fan of the original film. And when he first heard about the remake, he was hesitant. Then Will Smith approached him about writing it for director Steven Spielberg. What fan would say “No” to that?

Below, read about Protosevich’s dealings with those two superstars and his justifications for remaking one of the biggest cult classics of all time. Read More »


Josh Brolin says he spent three days in solitary confinement to prep for Oldboy. That’s pretty serious stuff. He doesn’t make the mistake of thinking that it really gave him the mindset of Joe Doucette, the character he plays who is imprisoned for 20 years for reasons unknown. But it does represent a level of commitment to the film.

This Oldboy featurette gives that background info, and also features quite a bit of new footage and other interviews. Brolin calls the movie “the most difficult thing I’ve ever done,” as he, director Spike Lee and co-stars Elizabeth Olsen, Samuel L. Jackson, Sharlto Copley and Michael Imperioli talk about the film. If nothing else, the plentiful new footage will be enough to warrant a look from those curious about this remake. Read More »

Another day, another super-secretive but highly intriguing J.J. Abrams movie. Paramount has just begun developing a sci-fi pic titled Collider, and while — surprise, surprise — the longline is being kept under very tight wraps, the talent involved definitely makes this one we’ll keep on our radar. /Film favorite Edgar Wright originated the idea, which is now being scripted by I Am Legend scribe Mark Protosevich. (Slightly) more details after the jump.

[UPDATE: Shortly after we ran this story, Deadline amended their story to indicate that Wright will, in fact, co-write and direct Collider.]

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Mia Wasikowska Offered Female Lead in ‘Oldboy’

As Clive Owen ponders the villain role in Spike Lee‘s Oldboy, Mia Wasikowska has been offered the female lead of Marie. If Wasikowska accepts, she’ll be starring opposite Josh Brolin, the only star confirmed so far for the English-language remake of the twisted 2003 thriller from Korean filmmaker Chan-wook Park. More details after the jump.

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Colin Firth Won’t Torment Josh Brolin in ‘Oldboy’

I think this is pretty disappointing. Spike Lee and Mandate Pictures are prepping a new version of Oldboy for an early 2012 shoot, and the film needs a new villain. Well, ‘villain’ is perhaps the wrong term. Regardless, Colin Firth had been offered one of the major roles in the film, and it wasn’t the ‘hero.’ But Firth has passed on the role, so Lee and Mandate have to find another actor willing to step into the shoes of one of the more interesting antagonists to hit movie screens in a while. Read More »

The possibility of an American remake of South Korean revenge film Oldboy has been a worrisome thing for a few years now. But this year Spike Lee was tapped to direct, which immediately made the new Oldboy a more attractive, or at least a more interesting proposition. With Josh Brolin set to star and Colin Firth playing the film’s revenge-seeking antagonist, things are looking petty damn good.

We know that Mark Protosevich is scripting and that he is basing his take on the existing movie, as well as on the manga that inspired it, but that he’s also writing new material to make this version stand on its own to some extent. We still don’t have concrete details about the new ingredients, but the film’s producer says that some of the new stuff is being created specifically to throw off audiences who know the original film. Read More »

Friendship can often be fraught with difficult negotiations. When friends are involved in creative endeavors, some disagreement and compromise is guaranteed to be in order. Take George Lucas and Steven Spielberg, who have been friends and occasional collaborators for decades. Their friendship launched the Indiana Jones film series, the last installment of which isn’t quite a fan favorite.

Even Spielberg seems to recognize that Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull isn’t such a great film, as per comments he made at a recent screening of Raiders of the Lost Ark. He even seems down on the basic story of the picture, but explains that his friendship and partnership with Lucas is what pushed it forward. Film is all about compromise, even if you’re one of the biggest names in filmmaking. Read on… Read More »

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After being thought dead for quite some time, the new English-language version of Oldboy is really happening under the direction of Spike Lee. His hire was confirmed yesterday via a press release, and the language of the release made the project, which is based on a script by Mark Protosevich, sound as if it is more  a direct remake of the Park Chan-wook film than an adaptation of the original Japanese manga that inspired the movie. (We’d once heard that the US version would be based more off the manga than the film.)

Now Twitch, which was first on the scene with the report of Spike Lee’s involvement, says that we can expect to see something that is related to the original Oldboy film in a similar way in which The Departed was to Infernal Affairs. Read More »