Just when you thought Wolverine 2 was all set to go, suddenly in demand Black Swan director Darren Aronofsky is also attached to direct Machine Man, based on Max Barry’s online book about a genius who replaces his body parts with machines. Barry released the story online one page per day so when Mandalay Pictures purchased the rights one year ago, they didn’t know how it all ended. The full book will be released in Spring 2011 and Mark Heyman, who also wrote Black Swan, is adapting the screenplay.

So with Aronofsky’s Wolverine 2 set to start filming in March 2011 and him having to promote the release of Black Swan throughout the Winter, what does Machine Man mean for the Marvel mutant? We decipher the clues after the jump. Read More »


One of the many ‘wisdoms’ about Hollywood that I’m not sure is true at all is that the evil and greed-driven studios will want every picture to close on a happy ending, irrespective of what’s appropriate. Mandalay Pictures seem not to mind, however (or at least not mind forcing a changed ending) as they have snapped up the movie rights to Max Barry’s Machine Man even though they have no idea how the story ends. Indeed, Barry himself has no idea as he’s writing and publishing the story online, one page a day, lots of the plotting being executed as he goes along and even incorporating ideas from his readership.

The plot premise, in a nutshell, revolves around a techie who turns himself cyborg to be less bland and uninteresting, something of like a version of Tskukamuto Shinya’s Tetsuo that just brings it on himself? Here’s the very beginning:

One Tuesday afternoon my left leg was severed. It wasn’t as bad as it sounds.

If you want to know what happens next, the first 43 pages are yours for free, with ongoing access to the full story priced at under $7. Bargain?

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