Black Widow director

For Marvel’s highly anticipated Black Widow movie, a solo outing that had been in demand for nearly a decade, the studio wanted to get it right. Over 65 female directors were considered at one point to direct the Scarlett Johansson vehicle, and that was slowly whittled down to a four-person shortlist. Ultimately Berlin Syndrome director Cate Shortland earned the gig, but one other high-profile female director was initially approached for the job of Black Widow director, only to turn it down.

Lucrecia Martel, who directed this year’s acclaimed Zama, revealed that she was approached by Marvel Studios to direct Black Widow, but turned it down when she learned that she wouldn’t be directing the action scenes. But while that may seem like an insensible offer from Marvel, it’s actually a practice that’s not so unusual for the behemoth movie studio.

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