luz trailer

As far as graduate thesis films go, Luz goes above and beyond the curriculum. German writer-director Tilman Singer‘s debut film originally began as a film-studies thesis project, but had more than enough style and verve to escape into the real world. Luz is both a bold experiment in horror and a throwback thriller that calls back to the atmosphere that dominated ’70s European horror. And after making a splash at Berlinale and the Fantasia International Film Festival, the first Luz trailer gives us a glimpse of the hypnotic horror film.

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Tilman Singer’s Luz deceives its audience like a retro-grungy hall of mirrors, quietly unconventional and admittedly not a film for everyone. Dread filters through unexplained channels that hurtle softly towards a catastrophic finale…I think? I’m almost certain. Singer’s mystifying opus presents itself in true form right before the credits roll, not before spiraling viewers into a boarded-up dungeon of nastily nestled psychotropic horrors. Sound, sight, and design all make for one simmer-on-the-grill slowest of slow burns, but when the flames finally rise, they singe with ruinous intent (depending on one’s interpretation). Read More »