Rob Zombie gets away from the Halloween franchise and back into his own material with The Lords of Salem, which sees the violent past of Salem, MA resurrected and brought violently into the present.

It feels like a very long time ago that Zombie shot the film, and it has been quiet since the first teaser hit back in October. That first trailer was a stylish, baroque thing that highlighted the film’s symmetrical compositions and stranger imagery. This first trailer is a lot more conventional, and sets up the story in which a DJ (Sheri Moon Zombie) wakes a trip of witches from centuries of angry sleep. It’s still fairly striking, creepy stuff; check it out below. Read More »

The Lords of Salem feels like a ‘make or break’ moment for Rob Zombie. His debut film suffered problems in the clash between creator and distributor, and fan expectation and reality, but he broke out in a big way with The Devil’s Rejects. But after a very divisive pair of Halloween films I know a lot of people who are ready to give up on the idea of Zombie as director. And so we come to this.

The Lords of Salem is a project he’s had in mind for a while, and it looks like pure Zombie, with blood, witches, a promise of intertwined sex and violence, and appearances from classic horror actors such as Dee Wallace and Barbara Crampton. Zombie shot the film as an indie last year. He dropped a teaser during his summer tour this year, but that never (officially) went online. After the TIFF debut of the movie Anchor Bay picked it up, and now we’ve finally got an online trailer. It has a whole hell of a lot of Kubrick in it, particularly Eyes Wide Shut, but that’s fine with me.

Deliberately operatic and more than a bit silly (“Satan… come to us!”) I don’t know how to predict how this will play. But after watching this teaser a couple times I’m ready to see the film.  Read More »

Rob Zombie‘s new film The Lords of Salem, was recently given an official announcement, and shooting should get underway on the picture in mid-April, after the director has a chance to finish up his latest concert tour and really dig into pre-production duties.

After one recent concert appearance he was thrown a few questions about The Lords of Salem, and his answers offer up a lot of new info about the film. Read More »