As the year comes to a close, more Top 10 lists are being published. Last week, British filmmaker Edgar Wright (Scott Pilgrim, Hott Fuzz) filed his annual listing of the top five movies of 2010. Hit the jump to find out what movies made Wright’s list this year.

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Gulliver's Travels

It’s been a little while since our last movie poster round-up, so now is the time to check out all the new one-sheets that have hit your local multiplex and the interwebs. Posters include: the Jack Black fantasy comedy Gulliver’s Travels, the 3D video game sequel Resident Evil: Afterlife, a banner for The Expendables, the documentary Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work, the UK quad poster for Todd SolondzLife During Wartime, the Seventh Season of HBO’s Entourage, a Russian poster for Splice and an Italian poster for Joe Dante’s The Hole. Check them out now, after the jump.

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My Most Anticipated Films of IFFBoston 2010


I had an awesome time at last year’s Independent Film Festival of Boston, and this year, the festival promises to be even more exciting, with tons of indie directors and actors showing up to chill in the Bay State. The festival will quickly upon us (it begins this Wednesday), so if you’re in Boston or even New England, I’d urge you to check it out. After the jump, some of the movies I’m most looking forward to this year. [Note that I already saw a bunch of the movies that will be playing here when I was at Sundance this year; they won’t show up on this list, but you can read our coverage of Sundance here].
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I’m not sure how Todd Solondz managed to shrink Tilda Swinton into the form of a young boy, but he appears to have done so; the figure graces the overseas poster, seen below, for his new film Life During Wartime. (It’s actually the young actor Dylan Riley Snyder. But still.)

Much more important, we’ve now got a UK trailer for the film, which shows off a brief glimpse of the way in which Solondz has taken characters from Happiness and Welcome to the Dollhouse and brought them forward into a new portrait of family disquiet and the spirit of forgiveness. Read More »


Update: Buzz continues to build as the film just won Best Screenplay at the Venice Film Festival.

I like how Todd Solondz talks. In the below featurette—ideal for a Saturday afternoon in both length and Puerto Rico palm casualness—the writer/director of Welcome to the Dollhouse discusses his new film, Life During Wartime. Yep, titled after the Talking Heads’ classic. You may or may not know that Wartime is being cited in early reviews as a return to form for Solondz, the rare American director who is unwaveringly committed to exploring the fringes and norms of society.

There was a time in the mid ’90s when I actually confused Solondz and Wes Anderson, due to their media-buzz indie predilection and similar disheveled nerd-artist appearances. Funny that in 2009, that seems like such an odd and off mix-up. Perhaps tellingly so. Wartime stars Paul Reubens, in sickly make-up, the swell Allison Janney, a dour-looking Ally Sheedy, and Little Boston’s Paul Dano, and finds Solondz revisiting and reimagining several characters from his controversial pedophile study Happiness, in addition to ones from Dollhouse. Variety has called it Solondz’s best.
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Paul Reubens Talks Todd Solondz' Life During Wartime

I lost interest in Todd Solondz sometime around Storytelling. Welcome to the Dollhouse was such a wonderful but painfully examination honest look at adolescence and Happiness was so disturbing, yet compelling. His later work seemed to lack heart, and serve only to shock. When Solondz’ newest film Life During Wartime was announced almost two years ago, I didn’t pay much attention.  Originally the film was said to be a “kind of sequel to — or riff on — ‘Happiness’, and to some extent ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’.”

“Many of the characters from these movies unexpectedly beckoned to me, and so I have explored new ways of developing and enlarging their stories, with the intent to recast them from a fresh perspective,” Solondz said in a 2006 statement.

MTV recently talked to Paul Reubens (the actor formerly known as Pee-Wee Herman) about the film, and Reubens revealed an interesting new detail – that the script features “characters from ‘Welcome to the Dollhouse’ and ‘Happiness’ whose paths converge.”

“It’s all different people playing the same roles. I’m playing a role someone else played in one of those movies.”

Woah, now I’m suddenly interested. But the question is, what Solondz character would Reubens play? I’m guessing that Reubens will portray Bill Maplewood, the father, psychiatrist and pedophile played by Dylan Baker in the original 1998 film. But who knows if this movie will even get made. It’s been sitting around on the shelf for two years.

“If it gets made, I’m doing it – but I’m not sure. It’s gotten pushed three times,” Reubens told MTV News. “He’s had problems with the financing on it.”

But if you think about it, how do you find financing for a quasi sequel to two films which combined didn’t even gross $10 million at the box office. As much as I’d like to see Wartime, Solondz is probably better off trying to get a more original project off the ground.