Kirk Cameron's Faith-Based 'Saving Christmas

Last week, we took a look at the highest rated movies of 2014 on IMDb. Today we look at the worst (lowest) rated movies. Again, the movies are rated year round by IMDb users, and provide one of the largest sampling of mainstream public opinion on films. Find out which 40 films are on the IMDB worst movies of 2014 list, after the jump.

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Nicolas Cage in Left Behind

Judging by all the things he gets blamed for, Satan seems like a pretty busy guy. Even so, he apparently finds time to keep up with current movie releases. Like Left Behind, the new Nic Cage apocalypse thriller from faith-based Stoney Lake Entertainment.

The Prince of Darkness himself is quoted in the latest ad for the film. Because why get blurbed by the usual Rotten Tomatoes crowd when you can go really big? See the Left Behind Satan quote after the jump.

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Left Behind trailer

If you’ve been thinking that HBO’s The Leftovers could do with a little more Nicolas Cage, boy are you in luck. Left Behind stars Cage as pilot Rayford Steele, who fails to make the cut when the Rapture hits the Earth. Cue the Apocalypse.

This actually the second cinematic adaptation of the book by Tim LaHaye and Jerry B. Jenkins. The last one was released in 2000 as a straight-to-DVD film starring Kirk Cameron. At least Cage is a step up from that. Hit the jump for more details.

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Nicolas Cage in Left Behind

We’ll say this for Nic Cage: you can’t accuse him of having a predictable career. Just yesterday, we were eagerly looking forward to seeing the Oscar winner return to form with David Gordon Green’s Joe. Today, we’re back to questioning his taste in thrillers thanks to the first clip from Left Behind.

Based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins‘ bestselling religious series about the Rapture, the sci-fi thriller follows a group of survivors left to watch chaos unfold on Earth. The books were adapted for the screen once before, with Kirk Cameron in the lead role, but this new version, directed by Vic Armstrong (The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles) is intended to be a more “mainstream” version. Watch the scene after the jump.

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[UPDATE: THR reports that legendary stunt coordinator and second unit director Vic Armstrong is now in negotiations to direct. Armstrong’s previous director credits include episodes of The Young Indiana Jones Chronicles and the Dolph Lundgren movie Army of One.]

That Biblical epic trend sweeping over Hollywood isn’t stopping at the Old Testament, apparently. Planning has begun on a mainstream cinematic reboot of Left Behind, based on Tim LaHaye and Jerry Jenkins‘ bestselling novels about the end times.

And to replace Kirk Cameron, who starred in the previous movie adaptation of the books, they’ve entered talks with Nicolas Cage. Even by the standards of Cage’s hyper-eclectic career, this is a rather unexpected career choice. More details after the jump.

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UPDATE: Someone was using my name in the comments below last night and starting, yes, drama. We’ve deleted the comments in question. This has occurred more than once on Slashfilm recently. We’re looking into it. For the record, yes, Slashfilm thinks this movie is a total pile. And I don’t hate all of our readers, c’mon.

UPDATE 2: FirstShowing’s Alex Billington has given Fireproof‘s trailer a heart-felt endorsement. We are speechless (as in, I’m never talking to Alex again).

Kirk Cameron (Growing Pains, VH1) stars in the Oscar-buzzing romantic drama, Fireproof. This stirring film is being poignantly described as, “Back Draft sucks face with the Left Behind franchise,” by Opening in Earth’s theaters this September, Cameron stars as a “heroic” firefighter whose marriage is ebbing divorce. When his father gifts him a self-help book for romance entitled The Love Dare, Cameron willingly accepts, only to discover that the book’s 40-day plan is instilled with his father’s reborn faith. Choice line: “Marriages aren’t fireproof Michael, sometimes you get burned!” Choice scene: 1:55. Choice movie website/viral marketing/music selection:

Click here to watch the Fireproof movie trailer. Feel the heat.

via Paul Scheer

Discuss: Is it just me, or does Kirk Cameron sound and look like Corey Haim in this trailer? Did a certain film ever save your marriage, or totes destroy it? Do tell below.