Forgetting Sarah Marshall Movie Posters


Judging by the teaser image above, I can’t blame you for mistaking it for The Smurfs Movie, but it’s really the final poster for the Judd Apatow-produced rom-com Forgetting Sarah Marshall. The poster tags the movie as “The Ultimate Romantic Disaster Movie” and the design has a lite, slacker-esque feel that is somehow appealing to both sexes. Star Jason Segel, playing a dude who goes to Hawaii to drown his breakup sorrows only to encounter his TV star ex, gets the man-child misery just right.

The full poster is after the jump, and we’ve also attached the recently released teaser-poster that promotes the domain/tonal change of the film’s official site,, to I’m still not convinced this flick will be on par with Superbad or Knocked Up, but hey, it beats Fool’s Gold.

Discuss: How aware are you of April’s Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and does anyone have an ex who later became famous?

Source Link: JoBlo

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Cloverfield: Slusho on Heroes AGAIN

Kristin Bell with Slusho! on Heroes

The fictional Slusho! brand frozen drink made another appearance on Heroes last night. Kristin Bell’s character Elle was again drinking the frozen treat in a car. And this time around the logo is more prominent.  Cloverfield Clues has a batch of screengrabs from the episode. Slusho! is a main focus of the viral marketing behind the JJ Abrams-produced monster film Cloverfield. We’re still unsure of the connection between Cloverfield and the popular television show.

Last week Heroes director/producer Greg Beeman uploaded a set of photos of the Heroes cast enjoying the frozen beverage, noting that “Their cultural significance will become clear in the coming months, so… pay attention!”