John Mulaney Stand-Up Specials

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The Specials: New in Town, The Comeback Kid, and Kid Gorgeous (in that order)

Where You Can Stream Them: Netflix

The Pitch: John Mulaney is a former writer at Saturday Night Live, co-creator of Bill Hader’s beloved recurring character Stefon, consulting producer and co-star of Big Mouth, and executive producer, writer, and occasional star of Documentary Now! on IFC. Those are all great works of comedy, but when John Mulaney is at his absolute best, it’s on stage by himself with a microphone in his hand doing some of the best stand-up comedy you’ve ever heard.

Why They’re Essential Viewing: John Mulaney’s view on life is one that is full of quirks in the best way possible, but not in such a way that he feels like a walking Portland coffee shop or some kind of alternative comedian really trying to mess with the formula of stand-up comedy. Like the best stand-up comedians from over the years, it’s his unique perspective on life and relationships, observations on pop culture and society at large, and reflections on his childhood that make him stand out.

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John Mulaney Kid Gorgeous

John Mulaney is one of the best stand-up comedians working today, and he’s also one of the best writers that Saturday Night Live has ever had. Mulaney was responsible for co-creating the recurring Weekend Update character Stefon, and since leaving the sketch series, he’s carved out a fantastic career in comedy, ranging from sitcoms to Broadway to Netflix and more. But it’s his stand-up specials that I might love the most, and he has a new one coming to Netflix this spring. Read More »