Briefly: The new Jurassic Park movie has a final title: Jurassic World. With that the delayed release, once meant to hit screens in 2014, also has a new release date. The film will now open on June 12, 2015. Read More »

Legendary Pictures

As Legendary Pictures settles into their new deal with Universal Pictures, CEO Thomas Tull & co. have begun to figure out which projects they can help finance. First up will be Dracula, directed by Gary Shore, starring Luke Evans and Dominic Cooper. That movie is out August 8, 2014. After that, they are interesting in helping with Colin Trevorrow‘s 2015 sequel, Jurassic Park IV. Nothing has been made official but early reports are Legendary is interested in co-financing the film, pending a final look at the script and creative elements. Read More »

‘Jurassic Park IV’ Director Addresses Rumors


We’ve heard a of stories and rumors about Jurassic Park IV, to be directed by Safety Not Guaranteed helmer Colin Trevorrow. But most of them are not likely to be true, and the particular way that some of the accurate stuff will end up in the film remains to be seen. The movie’s production was delayed a few months ago, and it’ll be 2015 before we see the film.

Trevorrow recently took some time to appear on the Jurassic Park Podcast, where he briefly discussed the pleasure of tweaking dino designs and the question of involvement from John Williams. (The answer to that was a non-committal “Do I love John Williams and all of his music? Of course.”) He addressed a few rumors, and you can get that info below. Read More »

Colin Trevorrow

The first time you heard Universal Pictures was making Jurassic Park IV, the most common reaction was probably “How could it ever stand up to the original?” While The Lost World and Jurassic Park III each have their fans, neither comes close to recreating the magic and excitement Steven Spielberg captured in 1993. That’s why, when Universal annoucned they were delaying Colin Trevorrow‘s upcoming sequel, it was good news. It meant they didn’t want to rush into making something that wasn’t the best it could be.

In an new interview, Trevorrow echoes those statements while discussing Jurassic Park IV. He doesn’t cop to whether or not it’s a reboot, or those juicy story details, but he does say they’re working hard on making it “something that can stand with the first one.” Read More »

‘Jurassic Park 4’ to Star a New Dinosaur

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

Jurassic Park 3D opens in theaters tomorrow, which has many fans getting all nostalgic about what Steven Spielberg‘s 1993 masterpiece means to them. The release has also given us an oppurtunity to look back at the film’s ground-breaking effects and read stories from some of its cast and crew. It’s that last one that’s revealed a small detail about Colin Trevorrow‘s Jurassic Park 4.

USA Today spoke to paleontologist Jack Horner, who was the real life Alan Grant for the film, serving as dinosaur advisor. He’s been hired to work on the fourth film and told the paper a previously unseen dinosaur will be at the center of the sequel. Read his quote below. Read More »

After making his debut on the small but beloved indie Safety Not Guaranteed, Colin Trevorrow is going big for his next project. Very big. Like, Tyrannosaurus Rex big.

Trevorrow has just been chosen to direct Jurassic Park 4, the long-gestating sci-fi sequel due out next summer. Frank Marshall and Patrick Crowley are producing, with Steven Spielberg serving as executive producer. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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Despite a scheduled summer 2014 opening, Jurassic Park IV still has a ways to go before it can enter production. There’s still no director or star attached, though writers Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver turned in a new draft of the script earlier this year. But things could start falling into place very quickly if a new rumor is to be believed.

Universal has reportedly reserved Raleigh Studios in Baton Rouge from April through November of this year. There’s no official word on what project will shoot there, but the timing, location, and other clues point to the next installment of the prehistoric franchise as a strong possibility. Hit the jump to keep reading.

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Briefly: This won’t come as much of a surprise, but with the new Star Wars movies brewing at Lucasfilm, the new head of the George Lucas empire has a lot to do. And so Kathleen Kennedy, who took the reins of Lucasfilm last year, won’t perform producing duties on Jurassic Park IV. Her husband, Frank Marshall, will be left to see to that task along with exec producer Steven Spielberg. Read More »

And the past comes alive once again: we’ve got a brief report that Jurassic Park 4 has been given a release date by Universal. All the info available now is from THR’s Borys Kit, who says,

Deadline adds that the film will be shot in native 3D. The film will be based on the script by Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver (Rise of the Planet of the Apes), who were hired to write last year for producers Steven Spielberg and Kathleen Kennedy. Their draft was delivered this week, and now the search for a director is on. (With Spielberg’s Robopocalypse delayed, expect much speculation about him directing this episode. Nothing to that effect is even hinted right now, much less confirmed.) But Universal is confident enough in the process to nail down a release date, at least. We don’t have any story info yet.


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