werewolves within trailer

A small town is besieged by a mysterious wolf-like predator. The town take shelter indoors, in one closed space together, and they slowly get picked off from inside. It sounds like a solid premise for a horror movie, but an even better one for a video game, and Werewolves Within is actually both: it started out as an Ubisoft multiplayer VR game published in 2016 which has now inspired a horror comedy movie starring Sam Richardson. Watch the latest Werewolves Within trailer below.

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Werewolves Within trailer

You’re probably familiar with Werewolf, the party game in which players are secretly assigned a role – either a werewolf or a villager. In between werewolf attacks, the villagers are tasked with sussing out who the werewolves are among the group before they’re all wiped out. That game was adapted into a virtual reality game called Werewolves Within a few years back, and now IFC Films is here with a movie adaptation of that game.

Instead of keeping the game’s old-timey setting of Gallowston, the movie shifts the action to modern day and a small town called Beaverfield, where a forest ranger and a postal worker try to help figure out what type of creature has been attacking the community. Read More »

scare me clip

Scare Me, a new horror comedy which debuted at this year’s Sundance Film Festival, is now streaming on the horror-centric streaming service Shudder. To celebrate the film’s streaming debut – and the fact that we’re finally just a few short weeks away from Halloween, which, as you know, is the spookiest movie-watching day of the year – we have an exclusive clip from the movie to share with you. Check it out below.  Read More »

‘Scare Me’ Trailer: Want to Hear a Scary Story?

Scare Me trailer

Cool weather has not yet swept across the country, but fall is nearly upon us. And as we approach Halloween, a new swath of horror movies await. One we’re particularly looking forward to is a horror comedy called Scare Me, which stars Josh Ruben and Aya Cash as two writers who find themselves cooped up in a cabin in the woods and decide to tell each other scary stories. Check out the newest trailer below.
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scare me trailer

Josh Ruben and Aya Cash want to tell each other (and you) a scary story in Scare Me, a new horror-comedy headed to Shudder this October. While trapped in a cabin during a power outage, two strangers start telling each other tales of terror just as a storm begins. It’s the perfect horror set-up, so what could go wrong? Watch the Scare Me teaser trailer and find out.

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