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Candyman is back with an all-new trailer for Nia DaCosta‘s highly-anticipated horror sequel/reboot. This new look at the film continues to keep Candyman – at least the Tony Todd version – hidden. But there are plenty of other horrors on display here, along with what appears to be a twist on Candyman’s origin story from the previous films. Watch the latest Candyman trailer below.

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Candyman: Release Date, Cast and More

candyman release date and more

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Say his name five times in front of a mirror: Candyman is back. Nia DaCosta directs a continuation of the now-iconic horror film released in 1992, based loosely on a story by Clive Barker. Working with producer and co-writer Jordan Peele, DaCosta has recontextualized the Candyman story through a Black perspective, and while much about the new film remains shrouded in secrecy, here’s what we know about the new Candyman movie so far.

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Steven Yeun Jordan Peele

Steven Yeun, who just earned an Oscar nomination for his quiet and soulful performance in Lee Isaac Chung’s Minari, may have just found his next big project. A new report says the actor is in negotiations to join writer/director Jordan Peele‘s mysterious new horror movie. Details are scarce, but can I get a “hell yes” from the crowd on just the mere thought of these two teaming up for a project? Hell yes. Read More »

Twilight Zone reboot canceled

Bright and early this morning, I was awakened by the shouts of a newsie in the streets outside my home, yelling, “Extra! Extra! The Twilight Zone reboot canceled by Paramount+!” I can only assume this happened nationwide, so we’re probably all on the same page there. But in any case, that story is slightly more complicated than that shrill child made it seem. Jordan Peele‘s Monkeypaw and Simon Kinberg‘s Genre Films, the production companies behind the CBS All Access revival of the classic Rod Serling sci-fi show, issued a statement today clarifying that the show was not technically canceled – it actually ended on their own terms.
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new jordan peele movie cast

This is going to be one of those stories – the type where we have almost zero information to report to you, but it’s worth reporting anyway. Here’s the deal: Jordan Peele is making a new movie. It has a release date: July 2022. And now it has a star: Keke Palmer, whose credits include HustlersScream QueensBerlin Station, and more. In addition to that, Get Out star Daniel Kaluuya might join the cast, too. And that’s really all we know, folks! We don’t know the movie’s title, we don’t know what the movie is about, and we definitely don’t know who Keke Palmer is playing. The same goes for Kaluuya, assuming he joins the cast. Sometimes that’s just how these stories go.

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Jordan Peele has retired

After the brilliant Comedy Central sketch series Key and Peele went off the air in 2015, the show’s two leads embarked on different career paths. Keegan-Michael Key shifted his focus almost entirely to acting, while Jordan Peele quickly became one of Hollywood’s go-to horror directors thanks to Get Out and Us.

Here are the latest updates about this formerly dynamic duo: Peele recently confirmed that he has retired from acting on camera, and Key has secured the lead role in August Snow, an ABC drama based on a series of popular crime novels.
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New Jordan Peele Horror Movie

Last October, word broke that Universal inked a five-year first-look deal with Jordan Peele, with plans for Peele to write, produce, and direct at least two movies. Now, we have an update on when we’ll see the first of those films: July 22, 2022. While we don’t know what the film will be about it, Universal is calling it a “horror event title,” which is exciting enough on its own.

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Streaming Chappelle's Show

A bunch of Comedy Central programming recently journeyed over to CBS All Access, in addition to being available on Hulu. Now a selection of some of the network’s best programming will also be made available on HBO Max starting next month.

HBO Max has announced that the sketch comedy shows Chappelle’s Show, Key & Peele, and Inside Amy Schumer will be joining their streaming library on November 1, 2020. Joining them will be the COPS parody Reno 911! and the brilliant documentary series satire Nathan for You. If you’ve somehow never seen these shows, we picked some choice moments from each of them to convince you to finally give them a chance. Read More »

people under the stairs remake

The People Under the Stairs, Wes Craven’s 1991 over-the-top horror flick that takes aim at the Reagan era, is getting a remake courtesy of Jordan Peele. Peele will produce the People Under the Stairs remake for Universal, and while some Wes Craven fans may initially be resistant to such an idea, the fact of the matter is that the original People Under the Stairs is a movie with good ideas and poor execution. There’s room for improvement.

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Us Honest Trailer

After the massive success of Jordan Peele‘s directorial debut with Get Out, the anticipation was high for his follow-up. Even though Us was critically acclaimed, for some general audiences, despite the palpable tension and terror, it felt too complex to have a clear message and raised a lot of questions in the final act. How many questions? Well, the Us Honest Trailer lays a lot of them out for…us. Read More »