Us and Twilight Zone Comparison

“The past is past,” a severely stressed-out man says to himself, staring in a cramped bathroom mirror. “The past….is past.” In spite of being encouraged to say this mantra by his therapist as a way to calm himself, it doesn’t work. That’s in part because the past is what you carry through to your present whether you like it or not. The notion of the past hovering over you as an inescapable force is a theme that runs rampant in a new film and a new TV show, both of which share the same creative mind: Jordan Peele.

First, there’s his gripping new horror film Us, and then there’s the revival of The Twilight Zone, on which he serves as host and executive producer. Though the opening mantra, “The past is past”, comes from one of the new Twilight Zone episodes, it’s just as applicable to what happens in Us.

This post contains major spoilers for Us and minor spoilers for the first several episodes of The Twilight Zone.

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us twist ending explained

You’ve seen Us by now, right? It’s been out for a couple of weeks, and people can’t stop talking about all its twists and turns. Still, if you’ve yet to see Jordan Peele‘s mind-bending horror film, and have also managed to avoid spoilers up until now, you might want to turn back this instance. For everyone else, continue on to hear Peele’s own thoughts on why the Us ending had to happen the way it did.

Spoilers follow.

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the twilight zone first episode

If you’re still on the fence about joining CBS All Access to partake in Jordan Peele‘s new version of The Twilight Zone, here’s some incentive. The first episode of the highly-anticipated reboot is now available to watch online for free. Called “The Comedian”, the episode features Kumail Nanjiani as a struggling stand-up desperate to make it in the biz. His career begins to take off after receiving some advice from a legendary comedian (Tracy Morgan), but as is the case with most things in The Twilight Zone, the success comes with a dark price. Watch the Twilight Zone first episode below.

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Saturday Night Live Us Sketch

Jordan Peele‘s latest film Us has been talked about endlessly since hitting theaters over a week ago. The film is a layered, terrifying allegory for, well, a lot of different issues facing our society today. And what’s great is that there are so many interpretations of the movie out there which make perfect sense. It’s the kind of movie we’ll be dissecting for years.

Meanwhile, Saturday Night Live did what they do best by taking the popular movie and putting a comedic spin on it. In what is probably the best sketch we could have gotten based on Us, the movie is turned into one of those Discover credit card commercials where a customer talks to themselves as a customer service representative. There’s even an explanation for one of the most incessantly asked mysteries in the movie. Watch the Saturday Night Live Us sketch below. Read More »

the twilight zone review

You’re traveling through another dimension, a dimension not only of sight and sound but of mind. A journey into a wondrous land whose boundaries are that of imagination. That’s the signpost up ahead—your next stop, The Twilight Zone, rebooted by Jordan Peele.

Riding a wave of acclaim left over from his masterful Get Out, and furthered by his recent Us, Peele brings Rod Serling‘s brilliant parable-infused sci-fi series into the 21st century. And what a perfect time it is for this show. Despite what some may have you believe, Serling’s Twilight Zone was always political, and Peele and company aren’t afraid to lean heavily into that. The end result is something exciting and vibrant, loaded with a cavalcade of stellar actors in colorful, memorable roles. It doesn’t always work, but when it does, The Twilight Zone is exquisite.

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the twilight zone super bowl trailer

Next month, April begins with a bang as Jordan Peele‘s revamp of the classic sci-fi anthology series The Twilight Zone comes to CBS All Access. With all the buzz surrounding the director’s most recent film, Us, audiences will certainly be interested in the series of short stories executive produced by the comedian turned genre filmmaker.

But before you dive into The Twilight Zone again, you might want to take a journey back into the classic episodes of the series. Of course, there are a lot of episodes for you to peruse, but thankfully, Jordan Peele and fellow executive producer Simon Kinberg (the X-Men franchise) have some classic Twilight Zone episode recommendations for you to check out before the reboot arrives. Read More »

the twilight zone extended trailer

Jordan Peele‘s highly anticipated reboot of The Twilight Zone is debuting on CBS All Access, and if you’re not excited about that yet, you should be. Peele and company bring Rod Serling’s iconic series fully into the 21st century, and bring along some famous faces in the process. Below, watch a new Twilight Zone extended trailer overflowing with menace, paranoia and big surprises. That’s the signpost up ahead – your next stop, The Twilight Zone.

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us movie sequel

Writer/director Jordan Peele has proven without a doubt that he’s no fluke. After winning an Oscar for writing Get Out, his latest film, Us, is a scary, no-holds-barred plunge into deep thematic waters, the type of film that demands interpretation and discussion.

But while star Lupita Nyong’o doesn’t seem particularly interested in returning to this movie’s universe, Peele himself is keeping the door open for a possible prequel or sequel. Read his comments about that and the movie’s detailed mythology below. Spoilers ahead.
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twilight zone reboot trailers

Jordan Peele‘s star-studded Twilight Zone reboot is arriving on CBS All Access soon, and to celebrate, two new episode trailers have been released. One focuses on the episode starring Kumail Nanjiani as a desperate stand-up comedian, while the other has Adam Scott experiencing a “Nightmare at 30,000 Feet.” Watch the Twilight Zone reboot trailers below.

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us box office opening weekend

It’s official: audiences love Us. Jordan Peele‘s strange, terrifying and hilarious horror movie is a smash-hit, resulting in the best opening weekend for a live-action original film since James Cameron’s Avatar. While box office is never an indication of a film’s quality, this is great news for Peele, for the horror genre, and for original movies as a whole. When original films break records like this, it occasionally sends a message to producers that audiences are interested in fresh stories – not just adaptations or remakes of established IP. In the end, the strong Us box office ultimately resulted in a $70.2 million opening weekend.

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