Over the past week we’ve been talking a bunch about commercial director turned Tron Legacy helmer Joseph Kosinski‘s new feature film project Oblivion , which he has been pitching around town. Last we heard, Disney has the “inside track” on the project, and has an exclusive negotiating window than ends tonight. Three other studio: Paramount, Fox, and Universal Pictures, made bids last week. But it sounds like Disney is interested and is likely to win the project.

You might recognize the title because it is the same title of a “illustrated novel” announced back in February, written by Kosinski with art by Andree Wallin.At Comic-Con, Radical Comics distributed a preview chapter from the upcoming graphic novel. I was unable to get a copy on the show floor, but thankfully the book has turned up online for everyone to check out. So do you want to see what the next film from the guy who made Tron Legacy will look like? Hit the jump!

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If you liked the idea that David Fincher has seen and given notes on the current cut of Tron Legacy, then you’ll love this. There are reports that reshoots for the film took place in June (not a big shock, reshoots being a relatively common way massive films deal with changes and narrative issues) and the new material for the reshoots was written by Brad Bird and Michael Arndt in conjunction with the original writers Edward Kitsis and Adam Horowitz. Cue Pixar fangasm in 3…2..1.. Read More »